In a move that has caught nearly everyone off guard, it seems that production as officially begun on the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage. Last night, the following tweet revealed that filming had begun in Port Washington, NY:

You may recall that Season One of Luke Cage filmed under the working title “Tiara” and it seems that Season Two will be doing the same!

A second tweet revealed what may be another location in nearby Yonkers, NY. While this one isn’t quite as clear, it is possible that it is also Luke Cage-related.

And to top it all off, this tweet from Misty Knight herself, actress Simone Missick, confirms that the cast has at least begun training for Season two (thanks to Pamela Ingold for pointing this out to us):

While the beginning of production caught many, including us, off guard (and some people are openly refusing to believe that it actually has begun), we at the MCU Exchange have our hands on some audition videos for Luke Cage Season Two, indicating that this is not a misunderstanding and that production is indeed underway. While Season One ended with Luke facing his past and heading back to jail, we know that his story will be continuing in The Defenders, which airs August 18th!

We will have much more for you on Season Two, including breakdowns of the auditions and some insight into what having two series filming simultaneously might mean for the future of Marvel’s Netflix series.