As the hype for the latest polarizing Marvel/Netflix offering Iron Fist comes to a steady pace, fans are starting to get hungry for the next big offering in the Marvel/Netflix universe. Immediately after Iron Fist premiered, some fans quickly tuned in to the last few minutes of the finale episode of the series to see if there was any sort of post-credits tease or announcement regarding the Defenders, following some rumors that a trailer was dropping the same day. Sadly, there wasn’t anything The Defenders related in the credits of Iron Fist.

But not to worry. We do have some news about the much-awaited vigilante team up event. On Instagram, The Defenders make up artist Sarit Klein posted an image of the crew celebrating the production wrap up, officially confirming that the show has indeed finished filming.

Production for the show officially began the week after the cast’s appearance in last October’s New York Comic-Con. It was in that same event that Sigourney Weaver‘s inclusion in the show as the villainous Alexandra was announced. Initial predictions for the show’s wrap-up date was in February, given the 4-month shooting length of most 8-episode shows, but in order to give us the best show possible, it seems that The Defenders took that extra month. Or maybe the cast and crew just loved each other too much and didn’t want to go their separate ways yet. Either way, this news excites the hell out of me.

We still don’t have an announcement date but basing it from previous Marvel/Netflix schedules where there is usually a 3-4 month gap between wrapping and post-production, a July or August release are good bets.

Source: Instagram