Much of the Black Order has been left up in the air by Avengers: Infinity War trailers. Save for the one super quick shot of Proxima Midnight hurling a spear at Captain America and that shot of Corvius Glaive ripping the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead, we haven’t really seen any of them in full action. A new image of Proxima Midnight has surfaced online yesterday, giving us a full look at the sister of Gamora and Nebula. It’s not much but it’s a new look regardless. Check it out!

Based on this photo, Proxima is easily the most terrifying looking child Thanos has. In the next trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, I’m hoping they give us a better look at the rest of Thanos’ Children. If you closely at some set photos and shots in the trailer, you can piece together where exactly the Avengers encounter the Black Order. In the New York sequences with Doctor Strange and Iron Man,, that’s clearly where they encounter Ebony Maw whose white pants can be seen in the trailer right walking among the dead Asgardians before Loki gives up the Tesseract. Presumably included in that fight sequence is Cull Obsidian, the Black Order’s tank bruiser.

Source: Reddit