Netflix seems to have a hard-on for playing coy when it comes to releasing premiere dates. For all the excitement and hype the Punisher trailer from the other day gave us, it forgot to leave a damn premiere date for us to mark our calendars with. But thanks to an upcoming issue of Total Film magazine, we may have an idea on when the show will land.

Yep. That magazine has October 13 listed as The Punisher‘s premiere date, the closest thing we have to a confirmation since a producer said it was premiering in November. There’s no way of knowing if this is indeed true or if it’s just an innocent blunder by the magazine. All we know is that October 13 is three freaking weeks away and way earlier than what everyone expected. We at MCUExchange all figured that November 10 was the day, given that it’s the anniversary of the US Marine Corp and that Veteran’s Day is the day after that. October 13 also happens to be the premiere date of Netflix’s Mindhunter series, unless they interchanged the dates. If this ends up being true, then it somewhat explains Netflix’s reticence with the date: they wanted this show out ahead of everyone’s expectations. We can only hope it is because we can’t wait any longer.

Source: Total Film via Reddit

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