The critical response to The Punisher may have been a mixed bag but the response from the fandom has been nothing but positive, with some describing it as the best Marvel show since Daredevil Season 1. And one of the things that fans gravitated towards to was the show’s realistic portrayal of violence and the comic book characters in the show. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about this very thing, showrunner Steven Lightfoot shared his thoughts on comic characters he’d like to add in a potential sophomore season.

I haven’t even thought about season two … but one of the villains I love is Barracuda [from Garth Ennis’ Punisher MAX series]. I think he’s great fun. I also really like O’Brien [also introduced in Ennis’ Punisher MAX run]. I thought she was always really cool. Certainly, those two jump out at me initially, but there are so many great characters there. It’s a very fun sandbox to play in.

Barracuda is one of the main baddies right out of the Garth Ennis‘s uber-violent uber-messed-up iconic Punisher run. If you all thought the kills in the show were violent, wait till you meet Barracuda. This former military man turned-mercenary is one the most depraved killing machines Frank has ever gone up against and including him in a future season is guaranteed to amp up the violence to torture-porn levels.

O’Brien is a character we once thought was going to be included in this season, back when Amber Rose Revah was announced as the main female lead in the show. Like Dinah Madani, Kathryn O’Brien is a government agent who was at one point tasked to bring in Frank Castle. In the comics, O’Brien was the ex-wife of William Rawlins, the CIA big bad of this season. Her inclusion in a 2nd season would obviously necessitate some major origin retooling.

The additions of characters like Barracuda and O’Brien in a potential second season of the show is something that really excites me. One of the things I hope they do is to tilt the show towards a more crime-centric narrative. With a little change, these kinds of characters could work perfectly with that kind of setting.

Source: THR

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