The official Twitter account for The Punisher began releasing tweets with Morse code this morning.  Each tweet came out about five minutes after the previous one.  No one on the MCU Exchange team is an expert in Morse code, so we are trusting that Tweeted responses are accurately deciphering the code.  (It looks right from the charts online.)  Here is what has been shared so far:

3 AM
Two Dead Men
The Judas Goat
Cold Steel
Front Towards Enemy
Virtue of the Vicious
Danger Close
Momento Mori

This is what one of the posts looks like:

No official confirmation has come as to what these words mean, but the likelihood is that they are the episode titles for The Punisher coming in November.  The first tweet with “3 AM” raised hopes that it would be a release date since Netflix releases its shows at midnight Pacific Coast Time Zone or 3 AM on the east coast.  But the later phrases sound like episode titles.  Who doesn’t want to know what a “Judas Goat” is?  Will it be connected to Luke Cage‘s “Judas bullets?”  We will update if more information becomes available.

The marketing approach here is clever.  It’s a puzzle but an easy one to decipher, so fans can feel part of the mystery.  Using this tactic also suggests that there is a strong mystery element to the show.  Some of Frank’s journey is going to be unlocking what happened in Kandahar and elsewhere.  Adding a heavy bit of espionage or mystery to the show will help it have a strong tone beyond just being bloody and violent.

What do you think of this approach to marketing?  Do you like the episode titles?  Do you think this means something else?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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