Marvel TV has experienced a whirlwind of developments in the past weeks. It has been confirmed that Kevin Feige is set to take over the department along with the comics and animation side. Several shows were also cancelled namely Hulu‘s Ghost Rider and Freeform‘s Cloak and Dagger. In the midst of all the recent changes, one constant remains in the form of Marvel’s Helstrom series. Production is well underway for the Hulu series which is going to be led by Tom Austen who plays Daimon Helstrom alongside Sydney Lemmon who plays his sister, Ana. It was also confirmed that Daina Reid will direct some of the episodes of the upcoming series as well. And now, a new director is set to join them.

HN Entertainment reported today that Australian TV Director, Michael Offer, has joined the series to direct several episodes. Offer is no stranger to Marvel as he also directed the 8th episode of Marvel’s Punisher from Netflix. Offer’s other works include a long list of acclaimed TV shows such as How To Get Away With Murder, Homeland, Longmire, Person of Interest, Arrow, and The Unit. With an impressive resume, Offer serves as a good addition to the series.

Given the recent changes at the top of the Marvel food chain, there is no word yet if the series will connect to the MCU or if this will just be a standalone season. Either way, Marvel’s Helstrom is set to premiere sometime next year on Hulu.

Source: HN Entertainment