The Punisher was one of Netflix’s most well-received (at least by fans) Marvel adaptations and it definitely left people wanting more. On that note, we have great news as Marvel and Netflix have just announced that Frank will be back for more in a second season of The Punisher!

No additional details have been revealed, but that’s the norm for these Marvel Netflix shows. With Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil all set for 2018, we shouldn’t expect to see the second season of The Punisher until 2019, a year that should see the second season of Iron Fist and, perhaps, another gathering of The Defenders! Of course that’s the same year that Disney is expected to launch its own streaming service, so this is further confirmation that this group of characters will be staying put at Netflix.

What do you guys think of the news? Are you ready for more of Jon Bernthal’s Frank? Looking forward to another super awkward conversation about Micro’s penis? There were certainly enough threads left hanging at the end of the first season to bring the cast back for more. Sound off below on what you want to see in Season 2!