Update: The tweet has since been taken down (Marvel snipers at work!!) but thanks to our fans, we managed to find a screenshot of the tweet.

While we are all anticipating the August 18th release date of The Defenders, there’s no doubt that many fans are also eagerly anticipating Jon Bernthal’s return as Frank Castle when The Punisher drops sometime this fall. Bernthal’s portrayal as Castle was one of the best parts of the second season of Daredevil and it stirred up enough interest to get Marvel and Netflix to give the fans the series they were asking for. Though we don’t have a release date yet, actor Jason R. Moore, who will portray Castle’s former military buddy Curtis Hoyle, did give us a look at this great teaser poster, featuring the iconic skull logo, via Twitter:


Hoyle’s character was described as “a friend of Frank Castle’s and one of the few people who knows he is alive,” but his comic book counterpart had a little bit of a wrinkle to him that we won’t be surprised to see carry over to the show.

The Punisher, starring Jon Bernthal, will debut on Netflix sometime in 2017!