Earlier this year, Netflix surprised a lot of folks when they dropped the 5th season of House of Cards on a Tuesday. Many Netflix originals had previously been released on Fridays, but Tuesday is new media day in most other cases, so maybe Netflix is aligning with what people perceive as the normal day for new in-home entertainment. The second season of Stranger Things is set for a Tuesday as well, although it is Halloween, and it looks as if The Punisher just might drop on a Tuesday. Someone close to the streaming titan slipped a little note to us saying the current projected release date for the Frank Castle series is on November 14.

For now be clear that this is a rumor. Given how unusual a Tuesday premiere date is, it’s possible that Netflix could change their minds. Just in the act of reporting this rumor, we run the risk of Netflix changing it and making us look crazy, but we do find the whole thing interesting so we had to share. If it isn’t on the 14th, it could very well be in the Fridays adjacent to it.

With The Defenders yet to air but set for an August premiere, we can expect the focus to remain on that show for the time being, but we expect Marvel TV might have something Punisher-related at SDCC. We really expect things to ramp up following The Defenders and that people’s appetite for the Jon Bernthal-led series to grow once they’ve seen a trailer.

Will the Tuesday release keep you from being able to binge? Would you prefer to see them stick with the Friday release? Let us know what your plans are when The Punisher hits Netflix!