Spoilers ahead for The Punisher.  But chances are you’ve watched it all already, right?  Right?

Now that Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) and Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) trust each other — at least, kind of — “Resupply” follows the pair’s need for weaponry.  Or, more accurately, Frank’s need to amass a full repertoire of fully automatic machine guns.

First and foremost let’s get the elephant out of the room.  I’ve had to suppress my excitement for the two episodes I’ve reviewed thus far and it’s time to finally say it:  Turk Barrett.

TURK BARRETT.  “Resupply” gives us the always-anticipated Turk Barrett (Rob Morgan) cameo and it might be one of my favorite ones yet.  Since Frank needs his guns and Turk typically happens to know where they are — you know, if he doesn’t have them himself — Frank pays a visit.

With a gun to the back of his head, Frank asks Turk whether he believes in God, Turk responds “Right now, I want to,” providing a little comedic relief.  And it was then I noticed that the show had plenty of funny moments.  At least for a show that I thought would be dark and gritty for the full thirteen hours.  Whether it be Turk’s cameo or Micro making a smartass comment, there are quite a few moments where they slipped in some jokes. Needless to say, Turk was all out of weapons and Frank was only able to leave the scene with a pretty pink rifle that was meant to serve as a sweet sixteen present.

Throughout “Resupply,” Frank and Micro’s reluctant relationship continues to grow.  Agent Madani (Amber Rose Revah) finds out about a Greek gun shipment coming to port and puts together a team to stop it.  Unfortunately for the Department of Homeland Security, Frank & Micro are also aware of it and thanks to some trickery from Micro, the two are able to take the weapons for themselves without shooting a single member of DHS.

And after Micro ran into Madani’s car with his stolen truck, it was another opportunity for Frank to show his humanity as he pulled the DHS agent from her smoldering car, essentially saving her life.

Final Verdict:

4 Weird Frank/Micro’s Wife Subplots Out of 5.  I don’t feel that this was the strongest episode of the season, but it wasn’t the weakest.  The first three episodes moved at a slower pace than this one, so I felt that was a plus.


  • I’m not a fan of the Frank Castle/Sarah Lieberman subplot at all — I still feel uneasy about this setup.  Especially with Micro watching Frank’s every move within the Lieberman household.
  • Micro continue to show his strategic prowess as he was able to hack the DHS communications and computer systems to allow Frank to hijack the Greek weapons truck.
  • Turk Barrett.  Have I said that enough?
  • The show starts to build a lot of subplots in this episode.  Frank/Sarah.  Lewis building a foxhole in his yar after nearly shooting his father.  Billy’s security contracting company.  I hope these all tie-in eventually.