On the heels of yesterday’s trailer for The Punisher Season 2, the reviews for the full season have landed, ranging from mixed to positive. Check out what the critics have to say about the full season!

The Punisher’s overall course in Season 2; a regrettable step back from something that was once more; more thoughtful, more dramatic, more considerate, and more relevant. It’s more in other ways — more action-packed, more brutal, more plot-driven — but without a core emotional anchor to hook into, the whole feels less than the sum of its exciting parts.Collider

The Punisher season 2 can’t quite shake the sameness, but the excitement and new faces help make it feel fresh and interesting. The action sequences are just as gruesome and on point as the prior season. And, at the center of it all is a tour de force performance from Jon Bernthal playing one of a truly captivating hero.Geeks of Color

Bolstered by amazing action sequences, fantastic performances, and Tyler Bates’ riveting musical score, The Punisher season 2 is a flawed but strong second (or technically third) outing for Marvel’s vicious vigilante. While it struggles to balance its two major stories, Punisher still delivers a superb deconstruction of its main character, dissecting what it means to be The Punisher. It acts more like a physiological thriller than a superhero drama as we watch Frank discover who he was always meant to be.Talkis Network

Overall, Punisher season two is more of the same from season one. But, since that same was already great, it’s hard to make a case against rocking the boat unnecessarily. The show is fully formed and Bernthal simply takes the wind out of the sail of any of his fellow Defenders. It doesn’t get more straight forward than that.Forbes