Garth Ennis‘s defining run on the Punisher goes to a lot of dark and f’ed up places but it probably doesn’t get any darker than The Slavers storyline, an arc about child sexual slavery, which our friends at That Hashtag Show think may be adapted for Season 2, based on three new character breakdowns.

According to them. the production of Punisher Season 2 is on the lookout for actors to play the roles of Annie Bier, a street-smart teenage runaway, Kim Davis, a therapist in her 30’s, and a detective by the name of Melvin Skelling. THS reckons that these female roles (worth noting these aren’t the official character names) may be partially based on The Slavers characters Viorca, a young victim of the child sex-trade, and social worker Jen Cooke, respectively. Melvin Skelling, on the other hand, may be a potential stand-in for famed Punisher detective Martin Soap. While the connections may seem nebulous at first, there is credence to That Hashtag Show’s speculation given that showrunner Steve Lightfoot has expressed interest in delving deep into Garth Ennis‘s iconic run.

Personally, I am all for Punisher Season 2 going back to the character’s roots: mowing down street criminals. I wasn’t too keen when they had Frank go after government and military officials in Season 1. To me, peak Frank is when he’s taking down civilian criminal organizations, rapists, thieves, serial murderers and the like. I really hope they delve deep into this facet of the Punisher mythos.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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