It was only a matter of time until we saw some real promotion for this show. Just 2 days since that January 18 release date for the Punisher Season 2 surfaced online, Netflix has finally released a trailer announcing the date, giving us the first look at Jigsaw and Frank.

Jigsaw looks…. interesting? Reactions to Russo’s face when some set photos surfaced months ago were mostly negative and I doubt that would change with a look at the finished product. The mask looks like a rejected Slipknot mask and feels like a cop-out for not giving Russo a comic-faithful look. It certainly is a cheaper alternative than having Ben Barnes in the makeup chair for hours daily. But still, I’ve seen a lot less happen to people’s faces in real life who look a hundred times worse than Russo. Man gets his entire face shoved into broken glass and gets away looking pretty much the same sans a few scars.

Source: Youtube