Marvel’s The Punisher is in the home stretch of it’s 6 month plus production and while there were several casting announcements, a batch of set photos from March 12th reveal that Marvel Television had at least one ace up their sleeve as Tony Award winning actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Scarface, Law and Order: Criminal Intent) has apparently joined the cast in an unknown role.

The pictures, captured on location at the filming of episode 10, show Mastrantonio with Paul Schulz, who was announced as the shady CIA operative known as Rawlins. It’s also worth noting that the photos reveal that this episode is being directed by Emmy Award winning director Kevin Hooks (Passenger 57, Prison Break) whose long list of credits seem to indicate we’ll see a lot of action. We have no indication of what character Mastrantonio is playing or how many other episodes she’ll appear in, but we can take a few guesses.

This Netflix version of The Punisher seems to be drawing heavily from Garth EnnisPunisher MAX series. Frank’s appearance in Season 2 of Daredevil had him crossing paths with Irish mobster Finn Cooley, his solo series has him pursued by a two-person Punisher Task Force and, most importantly, Rawlins will be the main antagonist of Season 1. While it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that since Mastrantonio is seen on set with Shulz that she might be playing his ex-wife Kathryn O’Brien, the fact that she’s not actively trying to kill him makes casts at least a small shadow of doubt on that option. Another MAX-inspired option is that Mastrantonio could be portraying one of Castle’s most noxious nemeses, Ma Gnucci. Though we have nothing to go on, the thought of Mastrantonio as Gnucci seems like the kind of surprise casting move Marvel might be willing to make. Of course, Mastrantonio could also be playing any number of other comic-based characters or even a new character developed for the show.

Filming on The Punisher is expected to wrap of very soon with the series expected to premiere sometime this fall. Since we still don’t have a release date or new trailer for The Defenders, we don’t expect any announcements on The Punisher until mid-summer (maybe at SDCC ’17). Who do you think Mastrantonio is playing and what do you think about the addition of the actress to the cast?

SOURCE: Netflix Marvel TH