The Punisher may have already wrapped filming a couple of months ago but the buzz around the show continues to persevere. Following the first official teaser from The Defenders finale, Entertainment Weekly just revealed that award winning The Expanse star Shohreh Aghdashloo has been “added” to the already meaty packed cast of The Frank Castle Variety Hour. And by “added”, we mean that she’s probably been a part of the show for several months now and we’re just finding out now. Still, cool news!

Aghdashloo is said to be portraying the mother of one of the main characters, Dinah Madani, one of the federal agents after Frank Castle. If we had to guess, Aghdashloo’s role will be on the same scale as Sonia Braga‘s Soledad Temple in Luke Cage. Nothing too pivotal but a great addition on screen. The Marvel Netflix shows may be inconsistent in quality at times but the thing they’re consistently great at is getting the right performers to portray great supporting characters. Scott Glenn is an absolute revelation as Stick, Frankie Faison as Pop is the cherry on top of Luke Cage’s Harlem family (even though they should’ve gave him more stuff to do) and now we got Aghdashloo. Her performance in House of Sand and Fog has always been one for the books so there’s no doubt her addition would elevate the scenes she’s in.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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