Fans have been waiting for a full trailer for Punisher, coming soon to Netflix, and now they have it.  Watch it below.

Some quick thoughts.  Wow, my heart jumped once or twice.  The contrast of Frank’s happy home life and the violence that follows is emotionally jarring.  This show has potential to make a stronger emotional play than the previous Netflix shows.  The action looks exactly like one might expect.  The spy, CIA-conspiracy tone remains from other promo materials, which is a great way to add nuance to what otherwise might just be a blood bath.  Also great to see Frank in full out rage mode.  Only downside might be the costume a little?  I usually love comic accurate costuming, but some of the images just don’t quite look right to me.  Maybe the logo is a bit big?  Still, that’s small beans compared to the overall feel of the trailer.  This show has quickly gone from one I was not super excited about to one I’m ready to binge now.

Source: You Tube