There are many open questions surrounding Avengers: Infinity War. A film that brings together all facets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot to live up to. Even after the credits roll there are still many open questions that will keep fans theorizing until the still-unnamed Avengers 4 is released next year. Without further ado, let us take a look at a few unanswered questions that will haunt us until next year after witnessing the aftermath of Thanos’ journey to gather the Infinity Stones.

Major spoiler warning. If you have not seen the film yet then only continue at your own risk. The following article will reveal quite a few twists and revelations for the film so we recommend seeing the film before continuing.


1. Did Valkyrie, Korg, and Meek escape?

Let’s start at the beginning of the film. We see Thanos and his children destroying what was left of the Asgardians that managed to escape at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. They did not get far, as we witness the death of Heimdall and Loki before the entire ship is blown to pieces. We do know that he has a rule, he only kills have the people of a conquered planet to save them from overpopulation. There are hints that not all of them were killed and that some were able to flee. It is quite a large ship that Korg and his gang stole in Ragnarok that most likely has some escape pods. Most notably, there are no signs of Valkyrie, Korg or Meek among the corpses we see on the ship.

As such, this opens up the question if they somehow managed to escape. We doubt that Korg, Meek or Valkyrie will be killed off after just being introduced. It also makes us wonder if after already being almost wiped out if they are affected by the effects of Thanos’ snap at the end of the film. Their population has gone through two major catastrophe’s so it would be quite harsh to see even more of them disappear. At this rate, Thor will be the king of nothing. Hopefully, his friends were able to save some of his people, as Asgard is not a place but its people.

2. Are the Infinity Stones Sentient?

This is a point that has us scratching our head. In Thor: The Dark World, we witnessed the Power Stone in its liquid form. It seemed to be alive and called out to Jane Foster to become its new host. Similarly, the Mind Stone worked like a brain that the Science Bros. used to create Ultron. Later in Avenger: Age of Ultron we see the stone gives sentience to J.A.R.V.I.S. to create Vision, whose entire neuron process is established through the stone. In a way, Vision’s thoughts and hopes are connected with the Mind Stone. After being blown up by Scarlet Witch in a heartfelt moment, Thanos ruins it by turning back time to forcefully rip the stone out of his head. All that is left is an empty husk as the Vision turns gray and Thanos has finally achieved his goal.

There were no real hints that the Tesseract a.k.a. the Space Stone or the Power Stone having any sentience in their respective appearances throughout the last ten years. The Mind Stone is a bit misleading as its entire existence is about being able to think. When analyzed by Stark, we see that it is thinking like a brain and it has the ability to take over someone’s mind as we saw in the first Avengers. Yet, the stones existed at the creation of the universe, so it would not be too surprising for them all to have some kind of knowledge that they exist.

One sequence in Infinity War, however, hints at both the Soul Stone and the Space Stone being self-aware. At the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract sends Red Skull off into space making us believe he had died. Yet, now it seems that the stone has chosen or cursed him to guard the location of the Soul Stone. Not much information is given but this seems to be a thoughtful decision that led to his current fate. Even the Soul Stone does not just come into existence without a sacrifice, a soul for a soul.

3. Is Gamora Trapped in the Soul Stone?

Speaking of the Soul Stone, to obtain it Thanos had to sacrifice the one thing he loved most. Gamora believed that he had nothing, his only love was for himself and that this very fact was the end of his journey. Yet, it seems she knew less of her father than she at first believed as the one thing he actually loved the most was his favorite daughter. With hesitation and the words that he would not miss this opportunity again, he threw her down to her demise only to wake up with the Soul Stone in his hands. He has achieved his goal and was one stone closer to where he wanted to be.

Over the course of the film, we have seen him use the stones in many ways. Throughout the MCU and Infinity War, we witness the way the various stones work but never really what one can accomplish with the Soul Stone. Only one short moment makes us think the stone activated. The moment Thor tries to take him down, he snaps his finger and wipes out half the universe. Yet, after a short flash of light, we see him in an empty void standing in what seems to be a red river. Near a single building, a young Gamora from an earlier flashback is standing there asking him if he did it and what it cost him. He answers that it cost him “Everything” as he returns to the world to flee to watch the sunset.

There are no exact hints at what this place is and if it may just be a vision but it would make sense that this is the location of the Soul Stone. Gamora’s soul would help create it and may be trapped within it. He sacrificed the thing he loved the most, which would be his daughter. She might always be the little girl to him so there is no other way for him to see her. This might become an important part of the sequel and may hint at the possibility for Gamora to return to the living.

4. Does Doctor Strange Know the Outcome?

Doctor Strange tells Peter and Tony that if he has to chose he will put the safety of the Time Stone as his top priority. Suddenly, after Thanos tries to take Tony’s life, Strange gives him the Time Stone to spare Tony’s life. This act is the catalyst for Thanos to achieve his goal and wipe out half the galaxy. Many scratched their head at this act as it went against everything he said earlier. Yet, while they were devising a plan Strange looked into the future and saw 14 million possible outcomes in which they only survive one. This statement would hint at Strange seeing the sacrifice of half the universe as the only possible outcome to save it.

Was this truly what he saw? Fans of the MCU know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is in production so them disappearing into dust seems rather odd. Especially T’Challa vanishing after the recent success of Black Panther is rather surprising. This hints at the possibility of them returning in one form or another. There is a distinct possibility that they will hunt down Thanos to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet and reverse his actions. Perhaps his vision also required for Stark to live, as he went out of his way to ensure that he would not be killed at the hands of the Mad Titan. Strange may have disappeared but he promised that we are only entering the endgame which will be Avengers 4.

5. What will the Title for Avengers 4 be?

Doctor Strange’s endgame will tie into the fourth Avengers film but we still have no idea what the plot or title of the film is. With half the world just vanishing, there are some interesting theories one can pull. The end goal for many of our favorite heroes will most likely be to try and find a way to bring everyone back that was turned to dust. The only things we know are that Captain Marvel will play a vital role thanks to the post-credit scene. Ant-Man and Hawkeye will return to the film and might have a larger role, especially due to their absence in Infinity War. Lastly, behind-the-scenes pictures have revealed Tony Stark and Ant-Man in a sequence that seems to take place during the first Avengers film. So what does it mean?

It is unclear if time travel will play a role in the film, as the Time Stone is in Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. There is a chance that Tony might use BARF to retrace their steps to find some kind of loophole out of this scenario. Going by Doctor Strange’s potential plan, it will involve Tony in some form or another. There have also been theories that we might see the Skrull appear but a Secret Invasion storyline might overshadow Thanos’ role in the upcoming film. There was a clear indication that the storyline will continue to involve Thanos, as after the end credit sequence we saw the line “Thanos will return”.

What else is there? Well, Thanos used the Space Stone to flee and vanished into a distant planet where he sat at a little farm looking at the sunset. Their goal might be to retrieve the Infinity Stones by hunting him down, so there is a chance we will get a lot of sequences taking place in space featuring the Avengers. Whatever happens, it will most likely feature a major battle with Thanos, hopefully featuring all the characters we have seen up until now.

A personal theory is that the next film will be titled Avengers: Annihilation. The subtitles never had a direct connection to the comics, as Infinity War takes elements from Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Quest, and Infinity. Avengers: Age of Ultron had nothing to do with the comic which involved a lot of time travel. Ronan is dead and they do not have the rights yet to Silver Surfer but the Skrulls will debut in Captain Marvel. It would fit a more galactic storyline and could even bring back other familiar characters, such as an Ultron remnant that survived the events of Age of Ultron. The title also fits well with the events from Infinity War‘s finale, as he did annihilate half the universe. Still, it is nothing more than speculation.


With any film, there will also be some aspects that make your mind wonder about the small weird details of any film. So, to have a little fun with the whole thing here are some questions that have no major impact moving forward but are fun to think about.

6. Is Thanos a Farmer now?

The events of the film had a very odd ending. Thanos won and returned to what seemed like a little farm where he kept his promise to Gamora. He watched the sunset in the distance after wiping out half the universe with just the snap of a finger. Comic fans will instantly get the reference, as Thanos became a farmer after being defeated by the Avengers in the comics. Perhaps this is the life he chose after accomplishing his goal. The Infinity Gauntlet sees to have been melted unto his arm after using so much power so he might just try to enjoy a life as a farmer. It could be his way to make peace with everything that he has done, as he gave up everything to accomplish his goal. In his head, he believed he was doing the right thing so it would make sense for him to want a peaceful life after that. Would be interesting to see everyone trying to find him only for him to be harvesting a field of tomatoes and greeting them with a smile.

7. How did Thor know about the Battle of Wakanda?

This is a bit more of a nitpick rather than a joke question. The entrance of Thor during the Wakanda battle was quite amazing. His new weapon, Stormbreaker, can use the power of the Bifrost to teleport anywhere in the galaxy. Without any specific knowledge about what was happening, he so happened to land exactly in the middle of Wakanda. There was no sequence of Heimdall passing on his abilities to Thor to see the souls across the galaxy. If he knew where the fights were happening, why did he not go directly to Titan where Thanos was? He did want to get revenge on the Mad Titan so it would have been a better decision for him to go directly to Titan. Yet, he landed in Wakanda to aid his friends only for Thanos to show up there. Our best bet is that Rocket was able to triangulate where the invasion was currently happening so they knew where to go but it is a bit odd.

8. How come Fury never contacted Captain Marvel until now?

The reasoning behind this question is rather simple. It took this long to finalize plans for the character and they wanted to tease her appearance for Avengers 4. Still, if Fury had the ability to call for her it is rather odd that he never used it when the Chitauri were invading or when Ultron was about to destroy the planet. Perhaps while being undercover they found a way to contact her and the tracker had been hidden for a while. There is the distinct possibility Danvers asked only to be called if she is truly required and people simply vanishing into dust seems like a good reasoning. The events could also tie directly into the story of Captain Marvel as he might have called her as a reaction to seeing people turn to dust. Hopefully, her upcoming film will shed some light on the reasoning why she has been in hiding for this long.

What questions were you left with when you left the cinema? Is there anything you hope to see answered?