While we don’t know exactly when season two of Jessica Jones is coming, we do know that is coming as Netflix officially renewed the series for a second season last month. Of course, with no premiere date set or production time-frame announced, it’s hard to tell what Melissa Rosenberg and the rest of the Jessica Jones team have in store. Still, that hasn’t kept fans from wondering what’ll happen in season two. (In fact, you can read our suggestion of possible story-lines for the second season over here.) During a recent interview with the folks over at Marvel.com, Rachael Taylor, who plays Trish Walker in the series, reflected back on the first season and her character’s journey throughout those thirteen episodes, while also talking about potential bits for season two. (And yes, she addresses that Hellcat question again.)

One of the things the Marvel Netflix shows have excelled at is giving a fully fleshed out story to each of the main characters. We’re not just watching the title characters go on a journey, we’re also seeing those around them deal with daily struggles in Hell’s Kitchen – Taylor’s Trish Walker is the perfect example of that. Still, there’s plenty to explore with her character going into season two and Taylor is excited to see what Rosenberg and the writing staff have in store for her character going forward.

Marvel.com: Rachael, what things about Trish are you interested in exploring more of in a second season?

Rachael Taylor: Even though there was plenty of meat on the bone in the first season, I actually think we’ve only just scratched the surface in terms of what we could potentially explore with Trish Walker. I think one of the things that sits right under the surface in the first season is this, not maliciousness, but certainly an envy for Jessica’s super powered abilities. Her giftedness, as we call it in the series. I think there is a very ambitious side to Trish and I wonder how it could continue into a second season and what that would mean.

I also think it was only by the end of the first season that we got to see some of the darker undercurrents to Trish’s backstory. And of course, there was that genius invention of [series creator] Melissa Rosenberg to thread the Marvel comic book universe lineage of Patsy Walker into this universe, when she was a child star. I think that was very, very clever, and that’s another untapped resource that we touched on in the first season but I really think we could expand upon it.

When it was announced that Taylor had joined the cast of Jessica Jones as Trish Walker, a.k.a Patsy “Hellcat” Walker, many fans assumed we’d see Taylor suit up near the end of season one. But that wasn’t what happened. Instead of having Trish become Hellcat in the first season, the writers did an excellent job of establishing her desire to be a hero, and showing her willingness to do what it takes to be just that. They gave the character the perfect set-up to become Hellcat in season two, should Rosenberg and company choose to do so.

Of course, given that Trish was the one to try and get Jessica to sport her classic Jewel costume on the show that she’d made for her, it would make sense for Trish to create the famous Hellcat costume. However, Taylor isn’t entirely too sure.

Marvel.com: And given that she was the one that created the Jewel costume and was trying to convince Jessica to wear it, how willing do you think Trish’d be to actually create the Hellcat yellow and blue costume?

Rachael Taylor: I don’t know. I think this is, again, the genius of Melissa Rosenberg, that she’s created characters that are never one thing. So, on one hand, Jessica says [to Trish] in the script, “What else could you possibly want? You’re beautiful, you have money, you have a talk show,” and Trish’s like, “To save the world, of course.” And she means it, from the truest place that any character could possibly mean it. But then I also think there’s this incredible damage to Trish as a result of her history as a child star and a result of her own abuse at the hands of her mother. And that’s part of the fabric of our show and what Melissa has explored in the first season, is abuse in varying iterations.

In the case of Jessica and Kilgrave, [Jeri Hogarth] has her own perspective on it, my character has her own perspective of it, but whether the characters have been “Kilgraved” or not, they all chime in on the subject matter of abuse, be it psychological, physical, or sexual. And I wonder what that means for Trish. On one hand, I think there is this very earnest desire to save the world, to be a hero, to make it right. But on the other hand, I think there’s been a cumulative damage to her as a result of being a celebrity when she was a child. So I wonder how she would actually take on that [super hero] mantle, if that became part of the story.

As for Trish and Will, two characters that had quite a turbulent relationship throughout the first season, Taylor isn’t so sure that their story is over just yet. As she puts it, she feels that Trish has a “blind spot” for Will.

Marvel.com: That blind spot for Will, do you think that still exists after everything that happened in the first season?

Rachael Taylor: Kind of, but that’s just my opinion. I have no idea where it goes. I don’t think that blind spot would be something that’s completely closed. I think he could show back up and Trish has that, that’s her Achilles heel. She wants to make it right.

Marvel.com: And she wasn’t able to save him.

Rachael Taylor: Yes.

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Source: Marvel.