During their coverage of the film for this month’s issue of Empire Magazine, Empire has released two new images from the upcoming Doctor Strange, featuring Rachel McAdams and Mads Mikkelsen as Christine Palmer and Kaecilius, respectively.

Until recently, the details of Mikkelsen’s villainous character were kept hidden from fans, but more details have become known in the past few weeks. The actor described his character to Empire:

“[He’s] a man who believes in a better world, a world without human tragedy, but his means are quite different from the ones Doctor Strange is using, therefore conflict”.

It seems likely that Kaecilius may seek to use a powerful artifact (perhaps the Eye of Agamotto, which may contain the Time Stone) to bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Meanwhile, McAdams’s character Christine Palmer, and her role in the movie, remains almost a complete mystery. In the comics, Palmer is one of three characters who has been known as Night Nurse, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says only that she’ll be “an anchor to [Strange’s] past life”.

With over a month left before Doctor Strange hits theaters, much of the movie remains shrouded in mystery, but we’re sure to learn more as the marketing for the film continues.

Doctor Strange will be released in North America on November 4.

Source: Empire