The sequel to Doctor Strange has been going through a rollercoaster news cycle lately, especially with this particular piece of info. First, we learned that Scott Derrickson was no longer attached to the project after helming the first to fruition. Then last night, we found out that legendary director Sam Raimi was being eyed to replace Derrickson, a pick no one expected. Now, it’s being reported that Rachel McAdams will not be returning to the sequel. As per Variety:

Rachel McAdams, however, will not reprise her role as Strange’s colleague Christine Palmer.

When you think about what the sequel is and how massive it is in scale, this news doesn’t necessarily come as a big surprise. From the get-go, I’ve always felt like the character of Christine Palmer was super disconnected from the world of Stephen Strange, that it was hard to imagine her joining his escapades through the multiverse. Even among the Night Nurses in the comics, Christine Palmer wasn’t even the most significant. It’s a shame though because McAdams is a very talented actress and I wish they gave her a more important role in the mythos.

Source: Variety