Everything that we have seen so far about Thor: Ragnarok has indicated that this movie is far from business-as-usual at Marvel Studios. Everything from the witty banter between Hulk and Thor to the bright primary colors used in the costumes and makeup have been refreshingly new. In this movie, Marvel has somehow added a fresh spin to the super-hero genre which people constantly declare at risk of burn-out.

One detail that is completely new to Marvel Studios for Thor: Ragnarok is the filming location. For the first time in the studio’s history, this movie was filmed in Australia. This happens to be the home of star Chris Hemsworth, which is no coincidence.

I asked if we could shoot in Australia and thankfully the Marvel guys said they would look into it but couldn’t promise anything. To me, to be home again for more than two weeks would be fantastic. And it worked out. It was so good.

Recently, Marvel has filmed their movies at Pinewood Studios, in Atlanta, Georgia, with excursions to other locations, as necessary. While many factors are incorporated in the film location, tax incentives (which are what created the booming film industry in Georgia) are one of the biggest concerns. However, it is not unheard of for the studio to film in other locations. We have recently learned that Marvel will be heading to California for primary filming on Captain Marvel. 

Therefore, it is amazing to see production moving to the complete other side of the planet for one film – no matter how cosmic this film is going to be. There is no doubt that director Taika Waititi, a native of New Zealand, helped to push the production down under.

We have just over a month before we can see what effect this new shooting location has on the film, as Thor: Ragnarok premieres in the United States on November 3  (You can buy tickets now!). Some lucky international fans will get to see the film even earlier. Meanwhile, do you think the Australian location heavily influenced the look of the movie? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Screenrant

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