In this age of social media, Twitter mentions and Facebook shares are important to movie marketing more than ever. Events like the San Diego Comic-Con present movie studios to crank up the hype machines for their upcoming blockbusters. After this most recent Comic-Con, we have a clear victor in the race for social media buzz.

After the lukewarm reception to Thor: The Dark World, not too many people would think that a potential Thor threequel would generate this much excitement. But after a couple of trailers showing off director Taika Waititi’s humor and style, Thor: Ragnarok is leading the superhero movie pack in hype. According to media-measurement firm ComScore, Ragnarok’s showing at Comic-Con resulted in 264,250 new conversations on social media.

Pictured above: numbers

Some may find it surprising that Ragnarok topped WB/DC’s tentpole Justice League, and even Marvel’s own mega event Avengers: Infinity War. Though considering that the first trailer for Ragnarok already caused a splash, and Justice League predecessor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received a negative reception, it makes a little more sense in hindsight. But one must wonder how Infinity War’s numbers would be different if the D23 and Comic-Con trailer were released to the public.

Black Panther is an also-ran in the post-Comic-Con social media frenzy, garnering fewer conversations than the, uh, The Emoji Movie. But again, seeing how Black Panther already had its time to shine with its own trailer, and new Comic-Con footage was not released to the public, the numbers sound about right. Ultimately, these numbers in no way serve an indicator on the quality of these upcoming movies. But it sure is encouraging to Disney/Marvel executives that everyone and their uncle seems to be talking about the new Thor. I bet Kevin Feige has dollar signs in his eyes already.

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Source: Variety