Netflix continues to kill with their unending promo teases for November’s The Punisheras a new video was just dropped demonstrating Frank’s capacity for vengeance and violence against the people who ruined his life. The video depicts the Punisher ambushing and murdering a bunch of military men in the middle of nowhere. It looks kind of cool. Check it out!

When I say “kind of cool,” I don’t mean it in a disparaging way. It’s just that with the way the video is produced and filmed, it looks like a bunch of innocent airsofters getting their asses murdered by a crazy man. I once produced a video for a bunch of airsofter friends of mine and it ended up looking really close to this. But really, that’s besides the point. There a few interesting things about the teaser. For one thing, we see Frank flat out murder people of law enforcement. One of the great characters traits Frank had in the comics was his aversion of killing people working in law enforcement. Clearly that isn’t the case with the show. We’re guessing that these soldiers after him are somewhat involved with the corrupt chain of command that ordered all that shady stuff in Kandahar.

Another great bit in this teaser is that it gives a taste of Frank’s uninhibited rage. We saw shades of it in Daredevil Season 2 and The Punisher will no doubt be abundant in it. Seeing Castle Rambo-out is something we’d like to see fully realized in the show! There’s just something uniquely magnetic about this show that makes us crazy hyped for it.

Source: Twitter

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