M. Raven Metzner did not have an easy job. He took over one of Marvel’s most controversial and critically-panned shows. He voiced how much of a fan he was of the property and finally go tthe chance to put his mark on the franchise. He proved it after the second season released and now he let the fans ask him questions on Twitter. Everything was asked may it range from the final few episodes major twist, his own experience behind-the-scenes or even just what he hopes to explore in a potential third season. Here are some highlights from the Iron Fist AMA with the showrunner.

One major aspect that people hoped to see happen in the second season was to expand Shou-Lao’s role in the franchise. He was teased throughout the first season and we got some symbolism with his red eyes glowing in the back but no CGI dragon in sight. Metzner now revealed why we didn’t see the dragon in the show and it is actually a rather honest reason. They focused on fixing the biggest complaint towards the show, it’s lackluster action sequences. Stunt coordination and training is not cheap so they didn’t have the budget for the dragon.

He also revealed that this is also the reason why we got a shorter season, as it seems that the stunt work ate away most of their budget. This tweet highlights once again how much work they put into trying to make this the kung-fu series people were hoping for it to be.

One major addition to this season is Typhoid Mary. Many wondered what lead to his inclusion and it seems that this was original Jeph Loeb‘s idea. Seems like Marvel TV’s CEO may have some further plans for the character if he wanted her introduced early on.

Iron Fist also featured a small cameo by a character named Samuel Chung. It seems that our theories that he was the comic book character Blindspot from the comics were right. Maybe we’ll see more of him in the upcoming seasons.

He would also be open to Jessica Jones‘ titular hero and Trish Walker to make an appearance in an upcoming season. Of course, he would be up to Danny once again reuniting with Luke Cage in a future season. Would be quite fun to see Luke’s reaction towards Danny using Iron Fist-powered guns.

He revealed the reason why they chose to give Colleen the fist. There focus was to develop Danny’s character by letting him be something more than just the Iron Fist. It is an interesting concept that builds on his character from the first season. Metzner also points out that it was not about sidelining Danny but rather to further develop him for future seasons of Iron Fist.

He is quite excited for more Daughters of the Dragon and also seeing Danny in his costume. He even would do an extra AMA to find the perfect costume for this incarnation of the Iron Fist. This kind of crowdsourcing might be the right thing for the third season so we can finally see him on costume in the show. Hopefully, if Jessica makes a cameo she’ll start mocking him for his get-up like she does with Daredevil.

One recurring element throughout the months building up to Iron Fist’s second season was the hope of a potential cameo. The character of Moon Knight was often referred to as a potential main player on Marvel Netflix. It seems he was discussed for the second season but was never truly in consideration to join. Still, this does point to the character having some kind of importance at their Netflix department.

As a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this was just a great hint at a Netflix showrunner being open to S.H.I.E.L.D. potentially making an appearance on Iron Fist. I still am hoping that we could see Daisy tak eon the man with a glowing fist or them being unfazed by him after their eyperiences to the future or fighting the Ghost Rider.

He is also open to exploring what happened to K’un-L’un, which is one of the show’s biggest mysteries that got a bit sidetracked by Davos’ masterplan this season. Davos kept believing that his family is dead and it would be great to see him get a redemption arc as they try to track down K’un-L’un’s whereabouts. Perhaps the next seasons explores the mythology behind the Iron Fist that would lead to a specific tournament.

Many fans have wondered what film characters would be a perfec fit for the Netflix shows. One of the most popular choices was Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. Seems like M. Raven Metzner shares those opinions as well. We got a reference to Sokovia so who knows if we’ll finally get those crossovers at some point.

Speaking of Sokovia, the second season gave Mary Walker a new origin. She was trapped and imprisoned in Sokovia. He revealed the process the showrunners had to go through to add these connection and it is surprisingly easier than one would expect.

Continuing on Mary, it seems that there are still some major revelations about her past that we can expect in the future. Green Bay was mentioned but not fully explored. We might get a bit more in the next season or even in another Netflix show. There were small hints about a third personality and they seem to be building up to something.

Last but not least, one major element was still missing from the first season. They tried to appraoch many elements and continued the storyline surrounding Davos. Yet, when Davos and Joy discussed their plans back at the first season’s finale we saw Madame Gao overhearing their conversation. She had a prominent role in The Defenders but was noticeably absent this time around. Everyone believed her to be the Crane Mother from the comics so it was a bit confusing that we met the “Crane Sisters” in the second season. Perhaps there is a connection they share that will be explored in the next season. He may not confirm anything but he certainly had some fun teasing a potential return.

There you have it. Some of our highlights from the Iron Fist AMA. Hopefully, we’ll get an announcement for a third season soon alongside a confirmation for Luke Cage‘s return. Netflix may be waiting for the Daredevil‘s third season announcement before we get any insight into what follows in 2019. We might get more info as NYCC comes around.

What did you think of the AMA? What was your personal highlight? Any hopes for the third season?

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