The third day of NYCC has come and gone, and once again, Marvel stole the show. Yesterday’s focus was on Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher — all of the Marvel shows set to hit Netflix sometime in 2017. Given that so much hit during last night’s panel, we decided to make a recap post to put it all together in a single article for all of you!

Much like they did back at SDCC, Marvel turned the Iron Fist panel into a Marvel Netflix panel. As we reported yesterday, Iron Fist himself, Finn Jones, took to Instagram to announce that production finally wrapped on the show’s first season yesterday morning. This was something that Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb confirmed at the start of the panel before bringing anyone on stage.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t anyone from Iron Fist that hit the stage following Loeb’s comments, but instead Erik LaRay Harvey, who plays Diamondback in the recently released Luke Cage. Given that his character was never actually announced by Marvel and Netflix prior to the show’s release, this gave the actor a chance to be properly introduced to Marvel fans.

After giving Diamondback his time in the sun (he was left out of the San Diego Comic Con fun due to the secrecy surrounding his role), Marvel then turned to the part of the night most everyone was excited about: Iron Fist! All of the major players, or at least almost all the actors who have been officially announced as being part of the series, were on stage to talk about the show.

While everyone loves to see the cast out as a group, what these panels really offer fans is a chance to see footage of the show before anyone else. Loeb and company certainly didn’t disappoint, offering up a half dozen video clips of some kind or the other.

One of the more interesting things about the Netflix shows is the way that each character has their own fighting style. The action is carefully tuned to make the violence not just a way to attract viewers, but also as a way to tell a story and develop a character. Daredevil fights like a trained martial artist, but he’s also the son of a boxer. Luke Cages is all about power because he doesn’t really have to duck anything. And Jessica Jones is a bit more of a bar brawler. Iron Fist should have the highest ability of the four, and Netflix isn’t disappointing with the choreography.

Another element of Iron Fist that should be unique is the corporate power struggle over the Rand Corporation. All of the Netflix characters thus far have been relatively poor, scraping by in a crummy start-up law office or doing dishes at a club. But Danny Rand is a wealthy man with a lot of power. In particular, the cat and mouse corporate games should be great with the shrewd Jeri Hoggarth in the mix.

Slowly but surely Claire Temple has been built into a force in her own right. From the first time viewers met her afraid and reluctant, working on Daredevil’s wounds, to the fight scenes in Luke Cage, Claire is taking more and more control of her own story. She now is looking to Colleen Wing for some martial arts training. Her development should be fun to watch.

While the action sounds awesome, how many hallway fights can one cinematic universe take? Thus far these scenes have been hallmarks of this corner of the MCU, but surely it will start to feel gimmicky at some point, right? It’s just too bad that all these clips haven’t made it onto the internet, but Marvel usually likes to make some of this material an exclusive for attendees of the panel.

In the same way that Luke Cage not only introduced its eponymous character but also gave fans their first look at Misty Knight, the other Daughter of the Dragon Colleen Wing is going to be a big part of Iron Fist. One of the joys of the Netflix shows is the more realistic and hand-to-hand violence, as opposed to demigods with beams of energy. Iron Fist is keeping that tradition alive.

This particular clip gives fans the biggest clue as to how this incarnation of “The Living Weapon” will differ from traditional takes on the character. The Hand and Iron Fist don’t have nearly the history that Daredevil and the ninja clan do, but in the MCU the connection between them is going to be very tight. This development also suggests that The Defenders really is leading up to a massive showdown with The Hand, as the SDCC teaser suggested. Most likely part of the challenge for Iron Fist will be determining who is a clandestine Hand operative, and who is not.

This trailer is now up on MCUExchange and you should definitely check it out in its full glory. It seems that this is a lot earlier promotion than some of the other series have had. Certainly Luke Cage’s first real trailer hit about 8-9 weeks before release. It may be that Iron Fist is the least known or hardest to sell property of the four Defenders, so Marvel is pushing it earlier. Behind the scenes reports suggest it was definitely the hardest to conceptualize for the studio.

Following the set photos that hit earlier this week, Marvel brought out actress Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page on Daredevil, to confirm that she will be joining Bernthal in The Punisher. For fans of Daredevil season two, this is pretty great as the two worked incredibly well off of one another.

Unfortunately, that was all the news on The Punisher. However, following that, Marvel officially brought the Defenders out on stage together for the first time!

You can see photos of the group together courtesy of Agent M from Marvel.

But this is where things got even better because following the group introduction, Marvel then brought out the fantastic Sigourney Weaver to announce that she’ll be playing the villain in the mini-series.

The first season of Iron Fist will hit the streaming service on March 17th, 2017, while The Punisher series is confirmed to hit sometime in 2017.