New York Comic Con is happening this weekend and MCUExchange has a couple of our operatives on site to bring our readers all the most recent news about the MCU. Tonight (Friday) the spotlight is on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Here are some of the biggest pieces of information to come from the panel, via the MCUExchange Twitter feed.

The panel included Jeph Loeb (President of Marvel TV), Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson), Chloe Bennett (Daisy Johnson/Quake), and Gabriel Luna (Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider). Not entirely surprising given this group really is the core of the current season of the show. The Quake and Ghost Rider began as adversaries, but it appears that they are moving to more of a team up. Both have a vendetta against certain criminal elements of Los Angeles, though they go about it in a very different way.

Everyone wants a scoop of the latest and greatest in the MCU. Marvel figured out very early on that the element of surprise is essential for their brand. Standard operating procedure at this point is for actors to make jokes about Marvel security dragging them away before saying, “I can’t tell you anything” to an interviewer. Still, it’s nice to see Loeb admit as much.

Its hard to tell if Bennett means merely that Daisy is going through a “season of life” or if she is suggesting that this rebellion stage will last most of the TV show season. Hopefully, it’s the former because it might get a bit old to watch angsty Quake for 22 episodes! Given that the show talked about her Hive experience as a drug addiction, it does make sense to show the road to recovery as a long and difficult one.

The Agents‘ producers have already teased a tie in with Doctor Strange and now Gregg is getting in on the action too, using his corny dad humor to do so. This connection point with the films seems more intentional and significant than others. Given how autonomous the show has become from the film universe it is interesting to see the creatives behind the show moving back towards emphasizing the cross overs. Clearly, they think they have a home run in the combining of Ghost Rider, Strange, the Darkhold, and whatever else is coming.

This is refreshing news. Thus far the show has managed to get Daisy into a romantic relationship with both Agent Ward and Lincoln. It will be nice to see her completely unattached for more than an episode or two. Her character deserves some time to figure out her own issues without the entanglement of a romantic subplot.

Even more teases of connectivity between the various corners of the MCU. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can meaningfully intertwine the ABC corner of the universe with both movies and Netflix shows in one of a half season it should go a long way to addressing the complaints many fans have about how unconnected the universe can be. History says that expectations should be low, but hope springs eternal! Rumors that the Punisher could appear to make for exciting scenarios.

Looks like that is a wrap for now! If anything else comes out of the panel MCUExchange will have it covered. Keep checking back this weekend with both the site and the twitter feed for real-time information. Tomorrow’s big panel features Marvel’s Netflix shows and it looks like it may be a big one!