“I’ve got red in my ledger. Now I need to wipe it out”

And so begins our new feature series where we redeem the weakest links, the most controversial, and the downright worst of the worst of the MCU. Just like Black Widow, everybody deserves a chance to wipe the red in their ledger. And today, the MCUExchange does their best to wipe the red off of Darcy Lewis’ ledger, arguably the most disliked side character in all of the MCU films. Here’s what the staff had to say about her:

Darcy isn’t bad in the original THOR. While many might think that she’s not necessary, she does round out the story by adding her own unique perspective. Jane Foster sees THOR through the eyes of a love interest (and science), and Selvig sees him through the eyes of astrophysics. Darcy, on the other hand, gives us the everyday reaction to the god of thunder. She doesn’t look at him and think about an Einstein-Rosen bridge, she looks at him and thinks, “this guy names his hammer?”

It gives us a different perspective, and it is from her that a lot of the fish-out-of-water humor comes from, and she asks the questions that the average person might ask. While she becomes nearly useless in the second movie, I believe she does fit into the first one as the comic relief. She’s not the Jar Jar of the group, but is more like the Merry or Pippin: she gives us the down to earth reactions to extraordinary events. – Kevin Carter, Editor

Darcy is a rather odd character in the MCU. She generally was not well-received, as she basically was a cliché comic relief for the first two Thor films. She even got her own sub-plot in Thor: The Dark World, where she got her own intern while still being an intern herself. Here is my confession, I actually enjoyed her as a character. Even if she was comic relief, she still had her own personality and was a toned-down version of Kat Dennings character on Two Broke Girls. Still, we had two scientists in Selvig and Foster who were mostly archetypes themselves.

I remember more scenes involving Darcy than I do with Foster, which is odd given that she was played by Natalie Portman. Plus, I know people that still use Mjolnir’s nickname Mew-Mew to this day. It’s an odd balance as while she felt forced into these films, I enjoyed seeing her react to the weirdness that is Norse mythology with a space Viking twist. I kind of would want her and Michael Pena’s Luis to recap some of the past MCU events. His speedy delivery and her dry attitude could make for an interesting pairing. I would not be disappointed for her to appear in a future film or TV show. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

It’s no secret that the early years of the MCU was a learning curve for everyone at Marvel Studios. Misses were made as much as hits, with Darcy being one of the former. But it was through this trial-and-error attempt at her being a conduit of humor that helped shaped the MCU’s approach to levity for future films. Darcy was one of the comedic litmus tests in Phase 1 that paved the way for MCU staples like Luis and his Antourage and her place in the MCU changed things for the better. – Charles Villanueva, Editor-in-Chief

While Darcy may not be anyone’s favorite character, she does fill a very necessary role. It may not seem like it, but the first Thor film was styled after a Shakespearian drama which is why it was directed by Kenneth Branagh. But it’s a Marvel film and you need some levity and relatability. And even though Jane and Selvig do offer some of that, they’re both scientists who aren’t particularly funny. Darcy offers a relatable character that isn’t afraid to crack a joke at how absurd everything is. And without her, we wouldn’t have “Mew Mew,” which would be an absolute travesty. – Alex Lurie, Feature Writer

Darcy, huh? Well, I gotta say, I never truly understood why she was so disliked by most of the fans. I mean, is she a little annoying? Yes. Is she kind of useless to the plot of the two films she’s in? Also yes. But who cares? Her difficulty pronouncing Mjolnir’s name is too relatable to not like her. It’s basically Marvel telling us: “That’s you guys. You watch from the sidelines, cheer for the good guys, think you’re helping in some way (even though you aren’t) and can’t say the name of Thor’s hammer. That’s you.’ – Tiago Fiszbejn, Contributor

Of all of the side characters on the film side of the MCU, Darcy has arguably been the most out of place. Writing a part for a scientist’s comedic intern as one of the main characters in a movie where fans want to see Thor fight trolls, giants, and gods were always going to be a hard sell, especially when she has no history in the comics. Poor dialogue aside, this was always going to be an impossible role to fill. Darcy’s character could have made more sense in a movie like Ant-Man as an intern at Pym Tech who helps Lang from the inside, but, hey, she wanted to go on more exciting adventures around the world, so it’s hard to really hate her for that decision. – KJ Callahan, Feature Writer

Honestly, Kat Denning just has far more chemistry with Chris Hemsworth than he ever did with Natalie Portman. Not romantically of course, but comedically, which makes sense for Hemsworth, whose comedic chops wouldn’t truly be tapped in the MCU until Thor: Ragnarok. But, some of Thor’s more humorous and humanizing moments were helped by his dynamic with Darcy. Even their one scene together in Thor: The Dark World is far more memorable than any of his interactions with Jane, as Darcy simply asks Thor in a curious and friendly manner how space has been, which is an interaction that still makes me smile. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

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