One of our own unfortunately passed on to the other side the other day and we didn’t even know about it until after. Famed thespian Reg E. Cathey, who was known for playing a multitude of roles on film and TV (most notably The Wire and House of Cards), was revealed to be playing James Lucas, father to Power Man himself, in Luke Cage Season 2 in an obit from Marvel Television. Cathey, unfortunately, passed away due to complications from cancer last Friday. Luke Cage Season 2 will be his final performance.

James Lucas is a character that’s been alluded to several times in the first season and his inclusion in this next one seems to indicate that much of Luke’s past will be further explored, similar to Jessica Jones Season 2. Knowing the Reg E. Cathey played an important role – and his final performance at that – will all the more make the upcoming season more profound. He will be terribly missed.

Source: Marvel