What a way to start the day! According to a report that surfaced late last night, Disney and Fox have closed the deal that would bring the X-Men, Fantastic Four and related characters into the MCU! The report is a bit fuzzy on whether or not it’s reporting on CNBC’s earlier report, or if it is citing it’s own sources, so we are going to hold off on popping the champagne open until the official release, which is expected some time next week.

Additionally, Deadline reports that despite several “expert” opinions to the contrary, regaining the rights to the live-action rights to the X-Men was a fundamental piece of the deal with only the rights to the Avatar films rivaling their importance. Deadline’s report indicates that Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige is very eager to begin incorporating Marvel’s mutant heroes and villains into the post-Infinity War MCU. Fox already has an impressive slate of X-films scheduled for 2018 and beyond, but at this point it’s unclear how many of those films will see the big screen without being retooled or if they’ll see the big screen at all.

While we are all VERY excited about the implications of this deal, we expect Feige to keep his plans for the new characters close to the vest until SDCC ’18 at the very least. He’s been adamant that he’s had no intention of revealing their post Avengers 4 plans until he had to, and as exciting as this is, it’s unlikely to change that as it would take the focus off Phase 3 as it comes to a close.


SOURCES: International Business Times, Deadline