Well, this is interesting.

Last week, Empire Magazine turned its focus to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, unveiling plenty of new images, as well as news bits to help build fans’ anticipation leading up to the May release. One of the things that they seemed to confirm – along with various trades soon after – was that Gwyneth Paltrow would finally be returning as Pepper Potts. Their initial report indicated that Paltrow was on set for the pre-scheduled reshoots, and according to The Wrap, her role was meant to be “small but important”. All seemingly legit, right? Empire – a reputable magazine. The Wrap – a trustworthy trade. It seemed liked Paltrow returning was all but confirmed on Marvel’s end, and yet, the folks over at Lainey Gossip are claiming that the actress actually isn’t returning in Captain America: Civil War. So what gives?

According to LG, with Paltrow’s contract having ended, Marvel wasn’t able to get her back as it would have cost them a lot of money. However, as hinted at below, just because Marvel couldn’t get Paltrow back doesn’t mean Pepper is out just yet.

Well, as I mentioned last week, Goop’s Marvel contract has ended, and bringing her back would have been hella expensive. There are ways to invoke Pepper without actually having to pay Goop to show up.

Now, it should be noted that although Lainey Gossip is a gossip site, they do have some accuracy when it comes to these reports. However, as no one in Paltrow’s camp denied her appearance in Civil War after the reports made their way online, it’s hard to rule out her return. Plus, not only did Empire magazine report Paltrow’s return, but they were also backed up by some of the trades that’d heard rumblings about her return long before it was made public. So, with that in mind, it’s best to treat this report from LG as merely a rumor for the time being. On the plus side? May isn’t too far away!

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Lainey Gossip.