It is actually kind of heartbreaking going into this episode. Even before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had its San Diego Comic-Con panel, the news broke that the upcoming seventh season will end the show’s run. As such, this episode comes with a heavy burden of pushing the plot towards the season’s ending and teasing what we can expect from the final season. The massive reveal of this episode also adds fuel to the fire that an era is coming to an end that all started with a small petition wanting the character Coulson to be resurrected. The episode Leap comes with some massive plot reveals and an additional body snatchers twist in the episode.

In the post-credit stinger from last week, we saw Sarge getting shot four times. Yet, he somehow even managed to survive the headshot that was supposed to end him. Simmons realizes that he isn’t only getting healthier but is also getting stronger. Knowing that someone is after his life, she went out of her way to keep him in a secret room in the basement. We also get a look into Sarge’s head as he is getting flashbacks of the family he kept talking about that died at the hands of Izel.

Izel is alive and has gained a new ability. She now can easily swap between bodies and completely take over their mind. It luckily isn’t as dark and deadly as the body the shrike but still has some deadly consequences. We finally get a hint at what race Izel comes from and they originally are incorporeal. As such, she can take over someone’s body and take complete control which she did last week to shoot Sarge in the head. She uses this ability to get her hands on the monoliths that were destroyed in the explosion from the last season. The only one with access is Mack so her mission is rather simple.

Everyone is trapped in one room with only Simmons keeping an eye out for Sarge, who promptly uses the clichéd finger break to get free. The scene of Izel taking over everyone’s bodies was quite intense especially with moments like her shooting into Piper’s hand and her letting Davis’ body fall to his death before leaving it. It almost felt like a redshirt flag when his family was mentioned earlier this season and seeing it actually happen still was gutwrenching.

It all leads to the reveal of Sarge’s true identity and it makes sense within the rules set by the monoliths. So, the explanation is that when Coulson closed the rift created by the exploding monoliths, a copy of his body was created and sent through space. Part of his personality was still stuck within it when the mind of Pachakutik of an incorporeal race took over the body. Coulson’s influence ends up corrupting his mind and creating the persona Sarge who believes Izel is his enemy. She, however, was inspired by his act of taking over the body and is using the shrike to give their people bodies to possess. It doesn’t really feel as earned as it could’ve been, mostly due to it being dragged out for too long but it still fits perfectly into the universe that was set up.


3.5 plot-twists out of 5

The Sarge reveal is finally here. The reveal was handled in a bit of a confusing way but it was great to see them utilize what seemed like a random episode last season as the basis for the creation of Sarge. We also get a dark twist on a body-snatching storyline with everyone trapped in a room trying to figure out who Izel is. It ends with a rather depressing farewell of Davis who was a great mainstay throughout the last few seasons. Izel, now possessing Yo-Yo, makes her way with Mack to an undisclosed location while our team has to find out how to take down someone who can take over bodies. The episode was great but lacked the show’s usual punch when it comes to plot twists. It feels like there is still more to explore about Sarge and Izel.


  • Davis trying to be a badass and stealing a space pen is just a great character quirk.
  • The reveal that Daisy has been sending some of her money to Lincoln’s sister is a rather nice touch and a great reference to past seasons.
  • If the monoliths created a perfect copy of Coulson, it makes me wonder why it didn’t also copy his metal hand. At the time of closing the rift, he didn’t have both of his hands so it technically would’ve given Sarge’s body one as well.
  • Nice Ghost Rider reference at the end of the episode, maybe we are also getting a tease for a return of the character by the end of this or next season? It fits with the announcement of a Ghost Rider show that is heading for Hulu.