After a short hiatus, we finally got a new episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that finally confirmed our theories on what exactly Sarge is up to. Code Yellow was a more joke-filled episode with the return of Deke Shaw, which gave us some small hints at the larger plot. We also return to space as we find out what exactly happened to Fitz and what cruel fate the showrunners have in store for our favorite power couple. After an episode filled with hilarious character moments, the show returns to what it knows best, crushing our hearts and feelings with our favorite cast being tested.

Let us just start with the best part of the entire episode, May. She always was one of the strongest characters in the show. What the writers do with a stoic character is quite admirable and they really built up her relationship with Coulson. It was already heartbreaking enough to see them spend the rest of his life in Tahiti. If the show ended at that point, it would have perfectly ended the series before the snap happened. Then suddenly they announce the sixth season and we get the tease of an evil Coulson. Suddenly, they used an already emotional moment and gave it a dark twist. This episode finally showcased what those last few moments were between May and Coulson. Seeing them both laugh and enjoy their time was certainly heavy.

Using her time with Coulson in correlation with her conversation with Sarge was brilliant. While the main point of this moment was for them to pretty much confirm that Sarge is trying to get rid of these weird bat or bird creatures. The action sequence was well-done and finally gave our actual antagonists a name but what really drove the plot were the similarities between Coulson and Sarge. They both tended to use similar lines that may be hinting at this man is more than what even he believes to be. We still don’t know how exactly Coulson died and what happened to him shortly after he passed away. There was no mention of a funeral between the characters so they might be hinting at some connection between the two. It was also confirmed that he is genetically speaking the exact same character. May gaining the upper hand to bring them back to base is a great twist, as it once again highlights how resourceful Melinda is.

On the other side of the galaxy, our small team gets captured by the rogue Chronicom. Luckily, the writers knew that there was no point to drag out another “let’s find Fitz” storyline and just revealed that the Chronicom’s were using him as a way to get their hands on time travel. This was an interesting twist to bring in elements from the last season. Enoch is put into a difficult position as he wants to protect his best friends’ life and also try to save his homeworld, which seems to have been blown to pieces. This story seems to not have any connection to the main plot at first but it does seem to hint at these bird-creatures being responsible. This may also confirm that Sarge and his team aren’t from a different dimension but use their technology to travel from planet to planet. It ends with Simmons saving everyone’s life by offering herself up to develop time travel alongside Fitz. What looked like a dragged out fight scene ended in a rather heartfelt goodbye between Simmons and Quake. Daisy’s team makes it home safely as she now will find out about the Coulson doppelganger.


5 heartbreaking flashbacks out of 5.

What an episode this was. I might be among my personal favorites from all six seasons in the way they really push the character interactions. May and Sarge really offered a great contrast to the flashbacks. One thing SHIELD really knows how to push emotional moments through the character interactions. Enoch’s development as Fitz’s best friend is still a great addition this season and seeing him blow up in the poor Chronicom’s face was another moment that just tugs at your heart. With the tease for next week’s episode, it looks like they are going to continue this emotional turmoil before giving us some more levity again.


  • Anyone else also hears their heart crack once Enoch said “Bestie” the moment he saw Fitz? I really like their relationship, as Fitz’ emotions are everywhere and so Enoch’s more logic-based decision would push their relationship to a breaking point. Really hoping that they will be able to get along again and they don’t end up sacrificing Enoch again as a plot point.
  • Perhaps the short video of a world collapsing that we witnessed a few episodes ago may be from the Chronicom’s homeworld?
  • I was always wondering when the space team would return and it was great that they did not waste to much time with them returning. Daisy seeing Sarge for the first time will be a really interesting moment in the show.
  • Coulson pointing out how weird it is for May to smile was a perfect little moment.