Are the showrunners of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. enjoying teasing us with Sarge’s secret identity? We know that he and Coulson share the same D.N.A. so at least someone confronted him on it. Luckily for the show’s sense of tension, Sarge does not care much about Coulson. As they continue to drag out the mystery, we at least get some answers in regard to the true villain of the season, Izel. After her sudden appearance to bring FitzSimmons home, we finally find out what her role in the story is. Finally, the space and earth-based storylines are colliding in a big two-parter that oddly feels like it should be the season finale. Will they be able to prevent another extinction level event?

Let us start off with the B-side story of this episode. It was a surprising early reveal that Izel is, in fact, the monster or god mentioned in the previous episode. This reveal feels a bit off. Yes, she is cradling shrikes in a creepy manner and starting to possess the various crew members of the ship. FitzSimmons are too busy making up for their lost time that they really realize what is happening. We also should not forget that this whole shrike-plot has been happening without them noticing it. Hopefully, we do not lose a member of our core team to such a terrible death.

On earth, Sarge’s demands from last week get tested as Mack kind of twists his promise. While he gets a part of his team and his truck back, it doesn’t mean they are just letting him roam free. He will be forced to have Daisy and May on his team. They are the perfect choice and it was fun to see Sarge’s personality playing off of them. We get him completely enraged for one second only to turn around and be surprising kind to them. The person he was raging at was none other than Deke who finally got some time to shine again. As random as it was, him falling for Snowflake was quite funny. After spending the entire season with her trying to kill everyone, her trying to “get his soul” out has gained a new meaning. Even Sarge’s comment towards it was just a great moment and I am curious if we will see a lot more of her in the coming episodes.

Sarge actually gets quite a lot of character development this time around. It seems he had a family wherever he came from. His joke about him being fueled by love only to change it to hatred felt like a joke Coulson would make. The writers are really playing aroudn with the fact that they are very similar with the only difference being their thoughts towards sacrificing people. Izel does confirm that she knows something about him that may hint at a final reveal at the end of next week’s episode. They have been dragging it out for quite some time so it will be interesting to see what they are building up towards.

Meanwhile, Mack is not sitting around for Sarge to do whatever he is planning and uses their airborne home base to stay true to his deal. This turns out like the perfect opportunity to get some information out of Sarge’s crew. After a short escape attempt, Yo-Yo gets a moment to shine and one of Sarge’s crew spills the beans Looks like he came prepared to kill Izel at any cost as the truck they have been driving was also a bomb. After being confronted he escapes through the portal device we saw earlier that brings him back to his crew. It will be interesting to see what he plans on doing next while being stuck on the plane but his confidence isn’t really reassuring for our favorite SHIELD agents. The cliffhanger of Sarge’s bus heading directly for a strange shrike tower of crystals also doesn’t help the situation.


3.5 May and Daisy faces of disgust out of 5

As stated earlier, it feels like we are already in the season finale which is kind of odd. SHIELD always saved major two-episode arcs for the final episode so it is an odd decision in a shorter season to do it now. Still, it offers quite a lot of great character moments, finally reveals a bit more about Sarge and pretty much confirms who the main villain is behind the shrikes. The season still offers some question in regard to how good Sarge’s mission truly is but his actions simply don’t help him much. Finally, all storylines are coming together and it will be interesting to see how our crew stops a car bomb from exploding next week.


  • Anyone else a little disappointed that they didn’t use this concept of the ship being taken over in a horror-inspired episode?
  • I kind of love how this season’ major villain is seeking out the three monoliths that we saw at the end of the last season. We all theorized what the third one is capable of doing so perhaps we will find out this time.
  • Snow as a character has really been growing on me and kind of want her to stick around for longer now.
  • Izel creepily petting the shrike was certainly creepy but wonder how she is a “god”. Love the usage of mythology to explore her character and motivations but there is something missing to justify her once being known as a God. Especially if she had an entire crew even if they may have just been possessed people by the shrike.