Just last week, I mentioned that the team behind Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was adding a bit more levity from the overall darker tones this season carries. We witnessed both Simmons and Daisy getting completely high off of alien food and now, Deke returns to the series. It was a bit mystery why we haven’t seen him in any of the recent episodes and what he might have been up to after exploring the world. Well, it looks like he started his own tech company by misusing his knowledge from the future for a profit. At the same time, the goal of Sarge and his team become more clear, as we are introduced to what may be the true villain of SHIELD‘s sixth season.

It is great to see the return of Deke. His addition last season was great and it was rather surprising that they announced his return for this season. Yet, after watching Avengers: Endgame, he still exists in this new reality does match up with the time travel rules set by the MCU. It is funny to see him misuse his information from the Framework and create a video game. Especially, where Daisy ends up falling in love with him as a reward for beating Kree. It not only gave us a great cliché action sequence filled with terrible one-liners but it also gave us a good look into Deke’s mind. I do have to say, the constant mentioning of hashtags was a bit on the nose even if the entire point was to make fun of IT startup slang.

Meanwhile, tensions are high between Mack and Yo-Yo, as Keller tries to confront the director about him being in a relationship with her. While Mack avoids the conversation strategically, the rest of the episode focuses on Yo-Yo and Keller. After Sarge and his team take out what seems to be an innocent civilian, they alongside the returning Dr. Benson try to find out why exactly he was killed. It turns out, this man wasn’t really alive anymore as he had a strange bird or bat inside his body. Benson describes it similarly to a parasite that turns someone into a living zombie. Yet, after Yo-Yo takes out the knife that killed him, it resurrects and starts flying through the hideout. It all comes to a dramatic turn as it forcefully enters Keller and slowly takes over his body. After the strange creature took over his body and realized cannot escape, it suddenly turns him into the breeding ground for strange crystals. Yo-Yo makes the hard decision and stabs her lover in the same way that Sarge did. It seems the only lasting relationship on SHIELD will always be Fitz-Simmons.

Speaking of Sarge, this entire sequence kind of reveals what I theorized for some time. While butterfly girl is insane, it seems they are trying to take down these creatures that come from alternate dimensions. Something that just should not be in that dimension, which is why they also end up chasing down Deke. Sarge and his team try to take over Deke’s startup to get their hands on him. It ends up in a great action sequence where, once again, May just shows her incredible fighting prowess. Mack also gets a fantastic segment while taking out one of Sarge’s goons. It all ends with May getting kidnapped (again) and the potential reveal of who Sarge really is.


3.5 lemons out of 5

A very light-hearted episode that still manages to give us great character moments alongside the greater mystery surrounding Sarge. SHIELD has always been great at mixing up their formula and this episode does that in a great way. Still, the ironic dialogue does get overused throughout the episode, which makes it a bit too corny. The Yo-Yo and Keller sequences were great, his death was a bit rushed as we barely spent time with them together but it still gave us a rather heartfelt moment. Hopefully, Keller’s death isn’t used jut to get Yo-Yo and Mack togetehr by the end of this season.


  • There were so many lemons scattered throughout Deke’s startup. At first, I only noticed the lemons on the shirt but there are quite a few of them scattered throughout the episode. The fact alone that the Deke code is “Code Yellow” is just a perfect touch.
  • Mack’s line when he realizes how much future tech Deke is recreating was quite hilarious. Hopefully, we get some kind of follow-up to that sequence in an upcoming episode.
  • The highlight of the episode is Maurissia Tanchaeron‘s Sequoia. It was just great seeing her on screen and the team seems to be having a lot of fun mocking tech startups and influencers throughout this episode. Even the short Instagram stories montage at the end was quite a lot of fun. Poor Deke though, his fake best friend stole his girl.
  • This episode was great and all but the true hero is headphone guy. NO matter what, he will make it by the set deadline. #rolemodel #regrettingthisjoke