Once again, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes a break from its Sarge plotline to focus on the show’s two biggest stars, Fitz and Simmons. After scavaging the universe, she finally found him only to lose him again. Luckily, the wait to see him again wasn’t as long and now they are trapped in a Chronicom mind-prison. Their only way to escape is to solve time-travel as they face each other’s fears and darkest sides. It is probably the most personal episode that the show has ever told. In a way, it also highlights the importance of Coulson as a leader. He did not only change their world and life but he also is the recurring catalyst that brings them closer together.  What troubles will these two face as they come face-to-face with their own minds and memories?

This episode uses this very unique plot to play catch-up with Fitz while also showing scenes we have missed. It brings him up to speed without just being a long exposition scene. His reaction to realizing what has happened to himself and Coulson was heartbreaking. The disappointment that he missed his own wedding made a lot of sense. The episode also gave us a look into Simmons’ childhood as she reveals her childish side after getting annoyed. It was clever to use her jealousy towards Aida to get her to turn back, as it is a rather adult emotional response.

To some degree, this is probably the best way to test the compatibility of a couple. We saw them at their best and we now also get to see their worst. After more than five seasons, we always believe we know everything about a character in this show. Still, somehow they always manage to surprise viewers with aspects of characters that anyone would try to keep a secret. We already met Fitz’s dark side with the Framework’s Leopold and it is always great to see him return. Iain de Caestecker is still one of the show’s strongest players and every role he plays is amazing to witness. In this mind prison, we also get to meet Simmons’ dark side, a Ringu-inspired version of her.

It all comes together as they are forced to face each other’s darker sides. Ringu-Simmons literally stabs out Fitz’s heart. Never did I think we would get a scene directly out of a horror film in this franchise as even the Ghost Rider episodes didn’t take this approach. You have to love the creativity that is at play in SHIELD Simmons is also trying to escape a mind-wipe from the Doctor. Luckily, they realize that they have friends they can rely on and they come to save them. This was a great moment to highlight Fitz and Mack’s friendship while also highlighting the bond that has developed between Quake and Simmons. FitzSimmons then confront each other as their darker sides wait for them to escape. In an emotional battle, they realize that no matter what inner demons they have, they are perfect for each other. This probably leads to the funniest scene in the entire show, as the Doctor and the Ringu-Simmons start going at it. Seems there were some other things they need to catch up on after how long they were apart from each other.

Suddenly, after being threatened for not helping in the development of time travel, they are freed from prison. Bestie Enoch took aggressive action and helped them escape. For now, my fear of him sacrificing himself hasn’t come true yet and hopefully, they will stick with it. Back on earth, Mack and Daisy share the details from their space mission. Mack pointing out that they probably have already escaped was a great line as probably most viewers believed it would happen. This post-credit sequence also confirms that the homeworld of the Chronicom’s was affected by the same creatures that are attacking earth. This once again opens up the question who exactly Sarge is and how he is connected to Coulson, which seems to be further developed next week.


5 awkward make-outs out of 5

This episode was anything you can wish for from TV. It had some heavy emotional moments but also threw in some really great jokes. Coulson was the heart of the show but FitzSimmons is its an anchor. Every season found a way to keep these two apart from each other and still manage to make their reunions bitter sweet. We are in the sixth season and them finding each other still has so much weight to it. At the same time, they use science-fiction tropes to create an interesting way to deliver exposition, give us unique perspectives in each character’s mindset and just make us fall in love with these two geeks all over again.


  • Love the reaction of Fitz when the children’s book turns into Darkhold. Was also a nice moment that calls back to its hold on the team from the fourth season.
  • Seeing Fitz and Simmons in their first season outfits was weird. They have changed so much over the years that it is weird to look back at the characters they use to be.
  • Why does this show constantly remind me how much I miss Coulson? At this point, they seem to be working on some kind of twist involving Coulson and Sarge.
  • Never did I expect a Ringu ghost girl to appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. yet here we are.
  • Anyone else gets Captain Marvel vibes from that mind prison?