The second episode in the Cloak & Dagger premiere felt very much like a continuation of the first.  By the end of the episode Tandy and Tyrone are thrust together to continue their adventure.  However, I’m unsure that we needed a full episode to get us to that point.  This episode also introduced some interesting characters with Father Delgado, played by Jamie Zevallos, and Detective Brigid O’Reilly, played by Emma Lahana.  Father Delgado’s extensive tattoos hint at a mysterious backstory and his relationship with Tyrone adds a layer of complexity to one of our lead characters.  Although she remains quite mysterious throughout the episode, Detective O’Reilly could become a compelling foil for Tyrone and Tandy when they inevitably encounter the police.

We see some of the aftermath of the last episode in the opening when Detective O’Reilly begins investigating the stabbing.  Tyrone continues to be conflicted about everything going on in his life and his dad offers him some advice.  However, during their conversation, Tyrone’s mother is on the phone talking about Roxxon and discovers their trash has been knocked over.  She attributes it to animals, but my guess is that, because of her political work, she’s being monitored by Roxxon as a potential threat.  It would be nice to find out more about the company since we’ve only really encountered them in passing.  Agent Carter probably explored the company the most when it was discovered that several of their employees were developing weapons.  But that was back in the 1940’s so I’m sure the company has changed a lot since then.

Tyrone’s conversation with Father Delgado allowed us to get some insight into Tyrone’s state of mind.  He’s told that this bottled up anger is a poison that will only bring him pain.  But when Tyrone explains what the anger makes him want to do, Father Delgado asks what God would say.  Tyrone responds by asking, “Who’s to say he’s not the one who gave me the idea in the first place?”  This exchange was natural and genuine and I really liked Tyrone’s witty response.

Despite their conversation, Tyrone continues his search for the cop who killed his brother. But while Tyrone’s waiting for the man to show up, he falls asleep.  He ends up late for basketball practice and is heavily reprimanded and told to sit in the bleachers and think about what he did.  After practice Tyrone decides to train on his own, but when he’s getting dressed after he’s assaulted by his teammates.  Tyrone is clearly still learning to use his powers, because he’s unable to make himself disappear when being attacked.  It was kinda sad seeing him realize he might be able to escape, but then the disappointment set in when he’s still locked in the cage.  Despite the warnings not to give in to his anger, Tyrone confronts the redheaded cop while holding a gun.  But just before he shoots, Tyrone teleports in front of a car.

While all this is going on, Tandy is looking for an escape from her troubled life.  She continues to be disappointed in her mother when Tandy finds out that she stole her money and has been using drugs.  Her conversation with Liam about not knowing whether she killed the guy was really sad.  She doesn’t know if she should hope that he’s dead so he can’t ID her, or hope that he’s alive and that she didn’t kill anyone.  What a terrible situation to be in.  But she realizes that there isn’t anything left for her in New Orleans and tries to get a new identity.  To raise the funds they go to an upperclass wedding and scope the place out.  They manage to get away with the money, but Tandy tells Liam that she isn’t interested and they need to go their separate ways.

Both Tandy and Tyrone have visions in this episode and it’s somewhat unclear what they mean.  Tandy sees a vision of her and Liam at their own wedding and is somewhat disgusted.  She pushes Liam away because she doesn’t want to build a life with him.  Meanwhile, Tyrone sees a vision of his mother standing over the gravestone of both him and his brother.  Are visions part of their powers?  Or was this just a way to show what the characters were thinking.  It’s possible since both visions came about because of what the characters were feeling at the time.  Maybe this is supposed to be a mystery early on, but I do hope it’s explained.

While I’m sure there will be some conflict since Tyrone shot her windshield, at least by the end of the episode they’re in the same place.  Hopefully they’ll work together going forward because that’s the most interesting part of the show.  This episode also maintained the similarity between the two characters by intercutting between them taking similar actions.  It was also pretty neat to see Detective O’Reilly quietly working in the background.


3 basketballs out of 5.  This episode did creep into filler territory in a few places.  It definitely felt like they just needed to kill time before Tandy and Tyrone start working together.  But we also got an introduction to some new characters, with Father Delgado and Detective O’Reilly, who both have the potential to offer an interesting dynamic going forward.


  • I thought we’d established that you don’t need a close-up of a phone to see what people are texting.  Just have the text bubbles appear onscreen so we can still see the actors.
  • Tyrone has some really crappy teammates.  His coach also seemed kind of mean and I hope he doesn’t encourage that kind of behavior.
  • I doubt that’s the last we’ve seen of the redheaded cop now that he knows somebody’s after him.
  • Of course Tandy runs into a clinical psychologist while crying in the bathroom.
  • Where did the bride and groom go after the wedding, because they definitely didn’t drive away in the “Just Married” car?
  • I’m really liking how Tyrone’s powers are shown and I’m looking forward to seeing more!