Tandy continues to dig deeper into the Roxxon conspiracy while Tyrone prepares for the big game.  While their stories are quite separate and they’re both dealing with very different demons, they keep getting pulled together.  Tyrone finds himself talking to Tandy at the fancy Roxxon event and Tandy goes to talk to Tyrone at school.  Their connection is becoming stronger.  Both because of the symbiotic nature of their powers, but also their growing connection as friends.  They’re beginning to trust one another.

The episode begins with Tandy using Greg’s files to piece together what’s going on with Roxxon.  She discovers a few executives that might be able to lead her to a missing piece of the puzzle and devises way to infiltrate the company.  She ends up going to what seems like a Roxxon company party to gather information about the mysterious missing piece.  Tandy uses her powers to feel the hopes of certain executives.  She then gets several visions of them humiliating an unknown 4th executive.  Tandy remembers that the mysterious man confiscated all information pertaining to her father when she was a little girl.  When Tandy goes to his house and tricks him into helping her change a tire she has trouble suppressing the urge to kill him.  But she calms herself and receives a vision of him taking money from dead Roxxon employees in the gulf.

It should be noted that it seems like the writers are drawing heavily upon the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010.  With the commercial in the beginning of the episode and the exploded oil rig in the gulf, there are a lot of similarities.  It also seems like the executives who caused the disaster are motivated by greed which is what caused it in real life.  It’s cool to see a show that has such fantastic elements draw on such real world events.

During the basketball game, Tyrone notices that the referees are making terrible calls.  But Tyrone is conflicted because they’re mostly in his favor.  And as the game goes on he feels how intense the fears of losing are for his opponents.  One kid appears to be berated by his father and another ends up off at war.  So when it’s time to make the final shot, Tyrone ends up missing and the other team wins.  But instead of being dejected about the loss, Tyrone smiles to himself.  It’s unclear whether he threw the game on purpose or genuinely missed, but ultimately his intentions don’t really matter.  He’s fine with having lost because he knows how afraid his opponents were of losing.

Tyrone’s relationship with Evita continues to develop.  They’re pushed a bit closer when basketball players give their jackets to the girlfriends on the cheer squad.  When Tyrone does decide to give Evita his jacket, her reaction was very sweet.  She tells him that she doesn’t want it if it’s something he feels pressured into.  But Tyrone responds that it’s something he truly wants.  Then later in the episode she says that what Tyrone did at the game was very nice.  Their relationship so far has been very healthy and organic which is great to see in a teen drama.

It seems that after Tyrone’s conversation with O’Reilly she’s become suspicious of Detective Connors.  She asks an officer (who she’s been quite friendly with) about Connors and finds out that he got a lot of drug dealers off the streets.  She purposely gets caught using drugs to get close to him and figure out what he’s up to.  We learn more about her when she explains that she learned to spent time undercover in Harlem.  For those who missed it in Luke Cage, there’ s a line about a detective O’Reilly who moved down south.  This just confirms her connection to both shows.  So even though the films don’t reference the TV side of the MCU, it’s nice that the shows are making an effort to stay connected to each other.

By the end of the episode, Tandy has a new target by the name of Peter Scarborough.  She also begins to investigate a woman she met at the party named Mina Hess who, like Tandy, was screwed over by Roxxon as a child.  But unlike Tandy, she seems to have been well taken care of by the company.  While things are going well for Tyrone and his relationship with Evita, he starts to have some doubts about his brother’s old friend Duane Porter.  When he’s teleported to Porter’s shop Tyrone sees him arguing with Connors and makes it sound like they were working with Tyrone’s brother to sell drugs.  Maybe this brother wasn’t as good as everyone thought?  But it’s looking like we’ll find out more about what went down since Detective O’Reilly is now investigating Connors for being a dirty cop.


4 varsity jackets out of 5.  Even though it’s a bit jarring that they didn’t address Tandy and Tyrone’s emotional confrontation at the end of the last episode, it was probably for the best in order to move things forward.  Now that most of the relevant plot threads have been established, the show can delve deeper into character and start moving things along.


  • It looks like the overly dramatic music isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • Tandy’s visions of the executives humiliating Scarborough were increasingly hilarious.
  • O’Reilly’s line about being close to passing the Bechdel Test was really funny!
  • I’m surprised Tandy didn’t have any red string to tie the conspiracy together.
  • Seeing Tandy and Tyrone begin trusting and helping each other is really nice.