Following the two leads in the aftermath of their confrontation in the church, this episode really started moving things along.  Tandy and Tyrone finally got a lot of screen time together and things with Roxxon seem to be ramping up.  The structure of this episode added an interesting dynamic by continually cutting back to the night Tandy and Tyrone talked in the church.  Especially because it allowed us to see how they affect each other.

Beginning with their conversation in the church, Tandy and Tyrone start talking candidly.  It was nice that they weren’t overly suspicious of the each other.  They both recognize that something is drawing them together.  They have a heart to heart and get to know each other quite a bit.  Normally, it would be somewhat unrealistic for characters to be so open with someone they just met, but since they’ve been having visions of the other and been drawn together, their relationship seemed to develop organically.  They talked about the important things like their newfound powers and the less important things like their respective relationships.  One thing became clear, neither of them had someone they could confide in.  Until now apparently.

During their conversation we learned more about what they’re both capable of.  Tandy tells Tyrone that she can feel people’s hopes.  And Tyrone tells her that he can feel people’s fears.  Again playing with their duality.  They also talked about what they saw in their respective visions from the previous episode.  They confirm that the the visions were metaphors for the troubles in the others life.  Tandy saw Tyrone atoning for the guilt he carries over what happened to his brother.  Tyrone saw Tandy running away from her troubles.  But when they realize that everything started when they touched in the church, they try to touch again and get thrown back by some sort of powerful blast.  It’s never explained in the episode what exactly happened, but they’ll probably explore it further later in the series.

Even though it’s in the middle of the episode, after their meeting in the church, both Tyrone and Tandy try to use what they’ve learned about themselves in their own lives.  Tyrone continues to seek Detective Connors, but does so using Tandy’s methods.  He’s caught with wire cutters by his father who then takes him to meet some of his old friends.  It’s unclear what kind of organization his father is a part of, but we find out Tyrone’s brother was involved when father and son continue working on his beaded cloak.  This moment was really nice because the two of them were able to set aside their troubles and just enjoy each other’s company.

In the same way that Tyrone ended up connecting with his father, Tandy tried to be more sympathetic toward her mother.  She uses her abilities to find out what Greg, her mother’s boyfriend, actually wants. Turns out he’s a pretty cool guy.  Tandy and Greg start getting closer and working on the Roxxon case. He tells her that Roxxon is still working on whatever project her father was involved with.  But her mother starts acting strange and breaks up with Greg.  Even though this is the first time Tandy got along and approved of one of her boyfriends.  But when Tandy goes back to Greg’s office, she sees someone kill him then set the place on fire.

While most of their conversation in the church was quite natural, their argument at the end didn’t feel very organic.  After they bare their souls, and Tandy admits she sometimes thinks about killing herself, they start yelling at each other.  Tyrone tries to comfort her by saying her life isn’t so bad.  But Tandy sarcastically responds that it must be nice for him to have such loving parents.  And things just escalate from there.  Tyrone tells her to check her privilege and that the only way she’s able to get away with being a thief is because she’s not suspect by default like him.  But ten minutes ago they were just talking about how they understood where the other was coming from and how their powers complemented each other.  So this shift didn’t seem to make much sense.

However, by structuring the episode with this climax at the end (even though it technically happens in the beginning) added an interesting dynamic to the episode.  It explains why Tyrone is incredibly curt with his parents in the beginning and why Tandy makes an effort to connect with her mom.  And by cutting back to the scene in the church, it adds more weight to what happens later.  Tyrone talks about the guilt he carries because of his brother.  And later in the episode he and his father work together to repair his brother’s beaded cloak, thus coming to terms with what happened.  And Tandy admits that she’s been running away from her problems, but when she sees Greg get killed she grabs his file on Roxxon to continue the case.  It seems that by the end of the episode they’ve learned from the other how to face their problems.


4 beads out of 5.  This episode really got things moving.  Greg’s murder alludes to something incredibly sinister and it’s looking like there will be more momentum going forward.  Tyrone’s relationship with his father was also very interesting and adds another layer to their family drama.


  • Tyrone better wear his brother’s cloak at some point this season!
  • Poor Greg, he was a nice guy.
  • Still unclear as to what organization Tyrone’s father is a part of? And man that singing lasted a bit too long.
  • I’m glad that Tandy’s attempted suicide at the end turned out to be her just testing her powers.  At least I hope that was the case because if not she seemed pretty casual about it.
  • The scene where Tandy’s mom was calling Greg saying she’s sorry was really sad.
  • So does Tyrone just not have a bicycle anymore?
  • When they’re talking about their powers, Tyrone says he can feel people’s fears, but I’m not sure if we’ve seen him do that yet.