This episode really got things moving!  The plot lines are converging, we’re discovering more about what’s going on with Roxxon, and Tyrone finds out there’s more to his brother’s death.  Evita and her Aunt Chantelle also delved further into the mysticism surrounding New Orleans raising some interesting questions.  Meanwhile Tandy tries to find out more information about Roxxon, but this time from a somewhat different angle.  The ghost of Tyrone’s brother continues to haunt him as he finds out that Billy wasn’t as pure as he once thought.

For most of the episode Tandy gets to know Mina Hess while wading through a swamp.  Mina, the daughter of the only survivor of the oil rig explosion, is an environmental scientist working for Roxxon.  Her job is to prevent another tragedy by making sure the company is safer and more environmentally friendly.  Mina’s also very friendly, which makes her discovery of who Tandy really is much more heartbreaking.  Tandy initially gets close to her in the hope she’ll get information about what happened to her father.  But she does so by pretending to be a hired intern.  Since Mina’s not oblivious, she notices Tandy keeps asking about her father and pieces together who she really is.  Mina asks why Tandy didn’t tell the truth in the first place which causes Tandy to have a somewhat self-reflective moment.

Tandy realizes that the truth never occurred to her because all she does is lie.  This was a really great character moment because we’ve seen Tandy  infiltrate parties and events and we know that’s how she gets information.  We as the audience are accustomed to Tandy lying and manipulating her way to get whatever she’s after.  So we don’t question that in her pursuit of information she’d pretend to be this nice lady’s intern.  We’re just as surprised as Tandy when Mina asks why she didn’t just tell the truth.  Although, this revelation was cheapened a little bit when Tandy stalks Mina so that she could meet her father.  It would have made a bit more sense for Tandy to be upfront and the two them go to the hospital together.

Tyrone’s suspicions from the last episode about his friend Duane are confirmed when he interferes with the drug operation.  He initially tries to work for Duane to find out more about Connors.  But Duane senses that he’s really after something else and refuses.  He also doesn’t want Tyrone to get caught up in the drug business.  Duane feels somewhat responsible for Billy’s death and is trying to tell Tyrone that it’s not something he should pursue.  But Tyrone doesn’t stop digging and Duane eventually lets slip that he was present the night Billy was shot.  Unfortunately, Duane never gets to explain himself because Connors and O’Reilly arrive and Duane ends up getting shot.

From the last episode it seemed that O’Reilly was playing Connors to uncover his connection to the drug business.  And they continued to teasing that in this episode.  O’Reilly shares what she knows about the mysterious drug dealer and Connors offers to tag along while she investigates.  Even though it seems like O’Reilly’s pretending to trust him in order to get information, she still divulges a lot of what she knows and goes along with his plans.  Her shooting Duane shakes things up a lot and we’ll hopefully get to see that play out in the next episode.

The scene where Tandy does meet with Mina’s father seems to be setting up a larger mystery surrounding what went down with Roxxon.  When she touches Mr. Hess, Tandy has a vision of being unable to open a sealed door.  She reaches for it but an ethereal black smoke prevents her from opening it.  This could mean that whatever Mr. Hess knows, it’s not something that he hopes for, but something he fears.    So perhaps she saw what looked like Tyrone’s powers blocking the door because only he can open it?

The reading between Evita and Aunt Chantelle offered an interesting parallel to the main story.  She predicts that there’s a disaster coming that will involve Tyrone and a mysterious other who we can assume is Tandy.  Aunt Chantelle talks of a divine pair who will stave off the coming darkness but that one of them will die in the process.  We’ll have to wait and see how this will play out, but it’s quite unlikely the showrunners will kill off one of their leads (and half the name of the show) in the first season.  But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


4 valves out of 5.  This episode seemed to be paced a bit faster than some of the others and that really helped move things along.  Tandy and Tyrone have finally developed a working relationship and it’s nice to not see them at odds with each other.  So overall, this episode continued to pick up the pace and make things more exciting, but it also had some really great character moments with Tyrone and Tandy.


  • The scene where Tandy almost touched Mina to feel her hopes but decided not to was very well executed.  It did a great job of showing her thought process and decision not to invade a friends privacy.
  • I feel like an old man at this point, but that dramatic music is really grating.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how much the show will delve into Aunt Chantelle’s seer abilities.  Are her predictions rooted in some sort of magical realism?  Or is she just preaching voodoo superstition and everything going on with Tyrone is a coincidence?  I’ll be somewhat surprised if the show addresses any of this, but I am curious.
  • O’Reilly’s a damn good shot!  Unfortunately for Duane.  Hopefully Connors’ll get what’s coming to him soon.
  • Mina alluded to some sort of super oil that Roxxon was drilling for which was 10 times more effective.  Wonder if this is a substance we’ve seen before in the MCU or something completely new.