A fitting title for the episode since each character dealt with the ghosts of their past at some point during the episode.  Tyrone’s parents have trouble coming to terms with the painful memories of their lost son.  Tyrone becomes the ghost of his brother in order to nab Connors.  Tandy confronts the ghost of her father and is disgusted by what she sees.  And it makes sense for these emotions to come bubbling to the surface since the episode takes place during the 8 year anniversary of everyone’s biggest tragedy.

The episode begins with Tandy talking to Mr. Hess.  He tells her about her father’s memo about Roxxon cutting corners, but he also warns her about the lengths Roxxon is willing to go to protect their company.  She then goes to see her mother and they talk about the service they’re planning for the memorial.  This is contrasted by Tyrone’s parents who seem to not want to discuss the day’s significance.  This annoys Tyrone because he at least wants to talk about his brother.

Tandy goes to see Tyrone at home under the guise of comforting him and his family.  Tyrone was initially annoyed because he’s never brought a girl home to meet his parents.  But she talks her way in and introduces herself.  But it’s revealed she was really after Tyrone’s mother’s ID card to gain access to Roxxon.  Even though this isn’t particularly out of character, it would have been nice to use this opportunity to show some personal growth.  Tandy has been getting much closer to Tyrone and could have just asked for his help.  She didn’t have to feign affection.

While Tandy plans to infiltrate Roxxon and confront Scarborough, O’Reilly warns Tyrone that Connors is becoming increasingly unstable.  But Tyrone tells her that he’s not going to stop trying to take Connors down.  Tyrone is further motivated when he finds his father overcome with emotions holding his brother’s cloak.  We also find out that O’Reilly has become closer with the officer she’d been seeing and the three of them plan a way to manipulate Connors into confessing.  Since it’s the anniversary of Billy’s death, Tyrone plans to fan the flames of Connors paranoia by making him think he’s haunted by Billy’s ghost.

Meanwhile, Tandy uses the stolen ID to gain entry to Roxxon.  She cuts the power, threatens Scarborough with her daggers, and takes him captive.  She lays out all the evidence she has that Roxxon cut corners and Scarborough offers to pay her off.  Tandy asks him questions about Roxxon and the oil rig explosion, but she doesn’t really get what she’s looking for.  Although Scarborough does allude to her father not being quite the heroic figure she remembers.

We then see Tyrone and O’Reilly enact their plan to entrap Connors.  Switching the artists rendition of Tyrone with one of Billy was a great idea to begin putting Connors on edge.  From there we see Tyrone in the cloak teleporting around Connors making him more and more paranoid.  The imagery of Tyrone in the cloak in combination with the VFX of him surrounded by black smoke worked really well and made for some pretty iconic shots of the character.

When every shot he fires misses Connors gives up and lowers his gun.  He asks who the mysterious specter is and Tyrone tells him, “You know who I am.”  It seems that their trick worked and Connors believes he’s being haunted by Billy.  Connors admits to shooting Billy, but he insists it wasn’t intentional.  It seems that the reason he fired was because he was startled when the oil rig exploded.  This adds some necessary ambiguity to the character.  Instead of being an evil murder, he’s remorseful about what happened because it’s not what he intended.  Connors knows he made a mistake. But that doesn’t make up for his cover-up of Billy’s murder and the other crimes he’s committed.

After Connors’ confession, O’Reilly makes the arrest.  Tyrone then meets up with Tandy and her mom at the beach for the memorial.  They’re both happy because it feels like they finally got closure on a wound that’s been open for 8 years.  But the mood doesn’t last because when the three of them hold hands, Tandy sees a pretty horrifying sight.  It turns out that her father wasn’t the hero she thought and was quite abusive toward her mother.  Up until this point, her father has been portrayed as a saint so this kind of comes out of nowhere.  Although it could be explained because we’ve really only seen him through Tandy’s memories and she remembers him fondly.

Tandy ultimately decides to take the money from Scarborough and ends up feeling incredibly alone since her entire perception of her father has now been shattered.  This is a pretty big change for her character because so far, her sole motivation has been trying to find out what happened so she can clear his name.  So she’s probably even more lost in life now than she was before.


4 lanterns out of 5.  This episode saw a big change in Tandy’s character with her revelation about her father, but we’ll have to see how that effects her going forward.  Tyrone and O’Reilly have accomplished their goal of bringing Connors to justice, but may have stepped into a much bigger criminal organization.  Coming off the uniqueness of the previous episode this one felt quite a bit slower even though it set the stage for some interesting new plot lines.


  • Tyrone wearing the cloak could easily look silly, but it was actually pretty cool and terrifying.  Especially when he was ‘haunting’ Connors.
  • Poor O’Reilly’s boyfriend, he just wanted to make pancakes.  Although his death could mean that Connors is connected to a bigger criminal network.
  • We haven’t seen Evita for a few episodes, I hope she’s doing okay.
  • The scene with Tyrone’s father holding Billy’s cloak was really sweet.  It also showed both the audience and Tyrone that even though they weren’t addressing Billy’s death directly, his parents are still grappling with what happened.
  • Another connection to Luke Cage when O’Reilly mentions having seen some weird stuff in New York.