The central theme of this episode deals with regression and the hero’s journey.  We see Tandy continue down her path of self-destruction because of the revelations regarding her father.  Tyrone seemingly gets what he wants with a new police investigation of Connors, but realizes that things are much more complicated. One repeating part of the episode is Evita in class with Father Delgado as he discusses regression and the hero’s journey.  This seems to be used as a way of explaining to the audience why Tyrone and Tandy are acting out.

With the central theme of the episode being regression, it’s fitting that it begins with Auntie Chantelle enjoying some rum.  She later tells Evita about Roxxon, the coming danger, and the divine pairing that can save the city.  She also seems to be the only one concerned with what’s going on with Roxxon since Tandy doesn’t seem to care anymore.  We then see Tandy using her newfound powers to inflict even more pain on those she steals from.  She now has the ability to, not only feel people’s hopes, but steal them.  She’s also hitting the drugs a bit harder than we’ve seen before.  As she’s enjoying her victims stolen joy, Mina calls and presumably invites Tandy for lunch with her and her father.

While Tandy reverts back to stealing and drugs, Tyrone grapples with the fallout from exposing Officer Connors.  He and his parents are told that there will be a new investigation into the circumstances surrounding Billy’s death.  But Tyrone doesn’t get the reaction from his parents that he wants.  He doesn’t understand why his parents aren’t happy that the truth is coming out.  The lack of justice and acknowledgement makes Tyrone angry and he gets into a fight at school.

Tyrone meets with Father Delgado who tells him that even though the war over Billy’s death is over, the battle is still raging within him.  Tyrone tells him that even though he got what he wanted, nothing is better.  But when Tyrone gets even angrier and lashes out, Father Delgado restrains him.  But not before Tyrone sees his greatest fear.  It’s revealed that Father Delgado killed his family because he was driving drunk.  This gives Tyrone a new perspective on a man that he thought he knew.

Like Tyrone and Tandy who are struggling to deal with trauma, Detective O’Reilly grapples with the murder of her boyfriend.  We meet up with her in the immediate aftermath of his murder as the police investigate the crime scene.  But since they suck at their jobs, O’Reilly is the one who finds the bloody murder weapon.  She then goes to the bar to drink away her sorrows.  But it doesn’t help because Officer Connors shows up at the bar.  This brings into question the circumstances surrounding Connors’ arrest.  Is he just under investigation and free to go about his business?  Was he arrested and then let go because of lack of evidence?  Did he get released because he has friends in high places?  This is a question that should have been answered already since the last episode ended with his triumphant arrest.

But regardless, since he’s now free, he assaults O’Reilly and threatens her saying that some cute videos won’t be enough to put him behind bars.  This is also quite a strange situation because, even though O’Reilly started the fight, he continues beating, punching, and kicking her.  But they’re in a room filled with cops.  It’s quite strange that nobody is intervening to stop the assault.  Unless of course they’re all terrified of going against Connors.  But if that’s the case it should have been made clear.

This episode also sees a confrontation between Tandy and Evita when Tandy confronts Tyrone about getting involved in her business.  Tandy gets a glimpse of Evita’s dreams when they touch, but Evita senses what’s going on and is able to kick Tandy out of her mind.  This is the first time somebody has done that which makes me wonder if Evita has any special powers.

Tandy, already in an emotional state, finds that Liam has left and stolen her money.  But when Tandy goes home, she finds her mother being held hostage by the woman who shot Greg.  The woman tells Tandy to show herself or she’ll kill her mother and the episode ends with Tandy’s hands glowing.  My guess is Tandy will subdue this mysterious woman and hopefully she’ll be able to extract more information about Roxxon’s corruption.


3 bottles of rum out of 5.  This episode sees some pretty drastic character shifts in which Tandy and Tyrone revert back to their old and destructive ways.  This is explained by Father Delgado as part of the hero’s journey, “regression is a trick, just like most aspects of story.”  But that trick usually shouldn’t be said directly to the audience.  It’s almost like the writers weren’t confident enough in the character’s motivations that they had to explain themselves within the episode.  So while there were some pretty good scenes (particularly Tyrone’s conversation with Father Delgado and later with his mother) the structure and premise for the episode was pretty shaky.


  • Poor Mina, I hope she’s not permanently sad after Tandy absorbed her happiness.  But it looks like she might be in bigger trouble with the imminent Roxxon disaster.
  • Rick and Morty in the MCU confirmed!
  • Tandy probably gets the prize for worst line of the season.  When Tyrone asked why she’s continuing the domestic violence of her father, Tandy replies saying, “Because I’m a screwed up bitch Tyrone!” Some may not have a problem with this line, but for me it was very cheesy and could have been a bit better.
  • Even though his teaching scenes didn’t seem necessary, Father Delgado is a great character and it would have been nice to have seen more of him throughout the season.
  • The Stan Lee cameo as an Andy Warhol style painting was great!