In the opening moments of this episode, we are treated to the last episode’s title: a reunion. The long-awaited reunion of Wilson Fisk and Vanessa has finally come, and it’s awesome. Just as she departed in a helicopter ontop of theire in season 1, she returns in one with Fisk waiting for her. It is a beautiful moment, and not the only reunion this episode. Throughout the episode, Vanessa and Wilson have issues reconciling and continuing their relationship. It is great to have a villainous power couple that you genuinely feel for. Luckily, they patch things up, but I think that, either in this season’s finale or another season altogether, they will be torn apart for good.

After Nadeem’s home is invaded by Fisk’s men in the last episode, he decides to testify against Fisk after his family is secure and safe. In his short time being owned by Kingpin, he has seen enough to put he and Dex behind bars for good. Seeing the opportunity to take Kingpin out for good, Matt, Foggy, and Karen, finally reunited, decide to work together again as lawyers. It is so good to see the trio back together again. They elect to represent Agent Nadeem in court.

Meanwhile, after his failure to kill Karen, Dex continues to seek Kingpin’s attention and approval. He goes so far as to (possibly) kill the previous owner of “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” in order to return the painting to Kingpin and impress him. While I don’t like that Dex is made to be Fisk’s personal servant at times, it’s a great juxtaposition to the beginning of the season, where he saved him food as a guard. Great stuff.

Nadeem confesses to many crimes in court, and spills the beans on everything he knows about Fisk’s operations. Blake Tower offers him a reduced sentence in exchange for his testimony, and he complies. Things seem great after the trial, until it is revealed that Fisk has corrupted the jury. Ray, knowing he is out of options, knocks Foggy out and disappears. But he has a plan. In the last scene of the show, After Nadeem’s death is ordered by Vanessa, Dex shows up at his house, killing Ray in the pool he was digging for his son.


4 Helicopters out of 5.

After an episode dedicated to moving the plot along verbally and focusing on dialogue and character moments,    I expected a much more explosive episode. And, while there are some huge moments, perhaps that explosiveness is being saved for the season finale.


  • I am not the biggest fan of creating major original characters for a comics-based show or movie, but Ray was an amazing character. I loved seeing how even a good person can be caught in the trap of corruption.
  • When Vanessa expressed her concerns to Wilson, I honestly thought he would snap and kill her. If Bullseye doesn’t get to her, I think this may happen one day.
  • Seriously, how good is it to have Foggy, Matt, and Karen back together again?