After that tease at the end of episode two, this third one was very much about getting to know Dex. Of course, all the other plots are thickening alongside his as well, but nothing felt as important as getting to know that kinda cool, kinda creepy FBI agent, especially if you heard the rumors or read the source material and knows where all of this is going.

We pick up a few moments after the previous ending, and the frenetic pacing of the scene puts us on the same edge that all of those cops and agents were after the attack. Fisk, as always, doesn’t show an inch of preocuppation towards anything other than Vanessa, and at this point he seems so commited, so obsessed with her that we start wondering whether she feels as strongly as he does. Afterall, it was because of him that she had to go to exile and live on the run.

Another point of this sequence is that Agent Nadeem is among them and seemingly as worried about it all as everyone else. Considering his very first scene in the season was a glimpse into his personal problems, it seems unlikely that he’ll be “just” the agent who cuts the deal with Wilson Fisk. There’s got to be something he did or will do because of his complicated financial situation, otherwise the show wouldn’t waste time with that scene early on.

After an awkward scene with Karen and Ellison’s family, the two talk briefly about Fisk, in a dialogue that needs but a few words to show how deep an impact can a villain like him cause. If the wife of an editor of a newspaper that had a reporter killed by him can’t bear to hear his name, what is the effect his presence has in people who lost loved ones to his crime faction? What is the effect on Matt Murdock? It’s a short moment that reminds us pretty well of the fallout of violence.

Speaking of violence, Matthew is once again acting before giving his actions a lot of thought. Upon hearing Wilson Fisk was out, he immediately set out to find him, breaking into a police surrounded building like it wasn’t a police surrounded building. Halfway through it, his conscience projects his archnemesis saying what he was too afraid to think. At some point, he says that God knows Matt tried to kill himself. Is that what happened? Is Matt doubtful as to whether he did what he did as an act of heroism or a death wish?

The newest character in the show, Dex, at first seems like a regular FBI agent, except he’s one that never misses the target. His interaction with Fisk is pretty much what could be expected, though it is clear that the Kingpin sees a lot of potential on him. It’s only later on, in the psych eval, that we start to see something is off about Dex. Julie, the girl he described, seemed to be too perfect, too ideal for a man who kills as easily and in cold blood as he does. The fact that he’s stalking her and pretending to be with someone he (apparently) doesn’t even know shines a light on a crazy and obsessive side of a man that’s just too dangerous to be any of these things. Because of that, we see as clearly as Fisk the potential for making him a weapon, and now it’s just a matter of how it’ll happen.

The scene in which Matt reveals to Foggy that he’s still alive came as a surprise for the audience, and gave us some pretty important lines at that, especially the one where he says that he cannot be Matthew Murdock anymore in order to hunt Fisk down. Considering he’d already said that, long before he knew about the house arrest, it feels more like this was the reason he needed to justify his journey towards rock bottom.

At the same time, saying that he is going to hunt Fisk made it sound like Kingpin is the one who should be worried about getting his life torn apart by The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, and not the other way around. Is the show going for a reverse Born Again? Or is it just a matter of time until Fisk realizes what’s going on and hunts Matt back? We better get to the next episode fast.


4 white walls out of 5

It was a very good episode to get to know what could be the show’s next antagonist, Dex. The rest of the plots, however, didn’t seem to move a lot, with Matthew at the church, Fisk stuck in a new kind of prison while also worrying about Vanessa, and Karen investigating further into something we can’t yet see clear. It fulfills its purpose and sets things up for what’s next, while also adding a surprise of Foggy finding out about Matt being alive.


  • We got SO close to a Matt vs Dex moment at the hotel. Damn teases!
  • The garage scene is planned and executed perfectly, and it should be remembered as on of the best stealth scenes an action show has gotten.
  • Foggy volunteering to help get Fisk behind bars again was a touching way of showing his disposition to preserve Matt’s sacrifice for the city.
  • Why on earth did Matt steal Foggy’s wallet?