After the attack on the bulletin, Episode 7 primarily addresses how each of our characters are dealing with the aftermath. Matt, for example, is dealing with the emotional fallout of endangering his friends, and makes it his top priority is finding out who is in his suit. This inevitably leads to Melvin Potter’s first appearance of the season, but, this time, we also meet the infamous Betsy. She’s not too interesting of a character, but at least we know that she does actually exist.

The highlight of the encounter at Melvin’s was not Betsy, but the fight between him and Matt. We get a nod to Melvin’s comic counterpart’s primary weapon, a sawblade, which I never thought we’d see due to the cartoony nature of the weapon, but this was handled reasonably enough during the fight and without too much fanfare.

Foggy, meanwhile, is dealing with his trauma by getting hot and heavy with Marcy before deciding to propose. Her denial of his proposal because she wants it to “be from his heart” goes to show how much her character has changed since her early appearances in the series. Foggy goes on to discover something in Marcy’s files, which should probably cost Marcy her job, but I expect will lead to him doing some solid lawyering to help bring down Fisk.

After some uncertainty around Nadeem’s character early in the season, it’s starting to become clear that he’ll fall on the right side. He’s rightfully worried about their past convictions being overturned if Fisk is truly manipulating the FBI, and is seemingly going to start teaming up with Daredevil to bring him down. You do, however, get the sense that there isn’t going to be a happy ending here with either him or his family.

Karen displayed some peak Karen in this episode by crying quite a bit, but this time it was justified. Not only does she get berated by her boss about Daredevil’s identity and seemingly fired as well, but we also get some more clues about her past as her father won’t allow her to visit, even though he knows that she just survived a massive killing spree.


3.5 Jiggys out of 5

There wasn’t too much plot progression since this was purely a character centric episode to build us to the second half of the season, and it’s been so fast paced in recent episodes that I didn’t mind too much. Nadeem’s arc has gotten more interesting, and we got a decent fight scene and, but, other than that, this felt like no more than a solid bridge episode.


  • Does Melvin own several different gladiator shirts, or does he just never change clothes?
  • Nice to see WHIH make a reappearance. Points of connectivity!
  • The shots of the cellphones blowing up in evidence were absolutely brutal, but a nice touch to remind you that the assault on the Bulletin was more than a Daredevil vs. Bullseye fight