This episode gives us the biggest fight scenes yet, as Danny is challenged by Madame Gao to go against her warriors. Danny is fighting for the life of Sabina, Radovan’s daughter being held by The Hand, and for The Hand to depart from Rand Enterprises. If Danny were to lose the fight, he was to remove himself from all of The Hand’s dealings. It’s a sign of Danny’s poor business decisions that he didn’t ask for Gao to be more specific. Of course, Gao’s refusal to honor the deal, in the end, made this irrelevant.

Rand’s opponents are revealed to be an eclectic group, with a pair of Russian butchers, a sexy entomologist (Alessa, the Bride of Nine Spiders), and a murderous karaoke enthusiast summoned to the fight. While Gao’s team is summoned with simple brass bowls with a message inside, Danny’s message is delivered in the mouth of a head on a spike. Through the battles, we see him truly embrace his role as the Iron Fist, while he is coached by hallucinations of the Thunderer, his sensei. However, in the end, he puts his own morals above his duty to destroy the hand, but letting his opponent live in an effort to save Sabina.

On the corporate side, Joy Meachum was on a mission to save the day, while Ward is revealed to truly be battling a drug addiction. It was interesting to see this devolution of Ward’s character, who may have truly believed he didn’t have an addiction until that moment where no pills were available. Then again, seeing a head on a spike while dealing with a corporate image emergency might drive anybody to dig through their trashcan for the opiates they gave up the day before.

Rosario Dawson‘s Claire Temple, as always, is awesome. Though it doesn’t make sense that she decides, of all places, to go to Metro General. We see her relationship with Jessica Henwick‘s Colleen Wing intensify, with Temple as Wing’s mentor in dealing with superheroes making horrible decisions. The two women hold their own as they try to keep Radovan alive, bringing up Claire’s own past career failings.


5 Singing Spider Venoms out of 5. This episode had a solid plot, with B plots that kept things moving forward, and solid fight scenes.

One Shots

  • “I had the fastest donkey cart in K’un Lun, too.” It was interesting to see Danny driving an Aston Martin, where in the comics his character didn’t drive. Obviously, a 21st-century billionaire playboy needs a smooth ride.
  • Claire pointing out that she has more experience fighting against the hand than Danny.
  • The greatest gift Claire could have given her old workplace was a John Doe with Danny Rand’s credit card tapes to his chest. Who ended up with this credit card? Could Danny have tracked The Hand through their use of his card? Are the nurses at Metro General using it on Amazon?
  • Ward going to an emergency room that is not Metro General proves that there are actually other medical facilities in the MCU New York City, despite how often our heroes, and villains, have ended up at Metro General.
  • Claire said “Sweet Christmas.” Luke Cage has rubbed off on her!
  • The Thunderer turning his back on Danny, in the end, is a highly significant moment, which could shape our hero’s future.