I have to admit, I started watching episode 9 of Iron Fist with a little bit of hesitation. For the last few Marvel series on Netflix, this is where things tended to lose my attention. Either from the lack of excitement, or the addition of too much excitement. Of all of the series, I expected this one to really get silly as we enter the last third of the season. But (spoiler alert) I was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, the appearance of Zombie Meachum in the first moments was enough to make you worry. While I know some fans (mostly, the ones texting me while they watched) didn’t enjoy Harold Meachum’s zombie moments, but I loved his change in personality. It was all worthwhile, in order to see Ward’s face at his resurrected father. Tom Pelphrey didn’t impress me as Ward much in the early episodes, but as the season moved on, I loved him more in every scene. Rather than dragging out the process of re-entering the world, it was nice to see the Meachum plot move so far in this episode.

At Colleen’s dojo, Claire is still hanging out but not joining what would be the most awesome threesome ever as Danny interrogates Gao. Telling Danny that she could make truth serum was a great idea, even if I didn’t believ it for a moment that it would work. Seriously, kids, haven’t you learned that Gao isn’t a normal person, yet? I had hopes that the clips in the trailers where Danny had a mask partially over his face was the beginning of a real disguise. Sadly, it was only his way of protecting himself from the teargas in the short, but pretty cool, attack on the Dojo.

While it’s been fine for Claire to mention her friend that fought the Hand Ninjas in previous situations, the irony in Colleen dealing with The Hand’s infection was one of the most heartbreaking details. While Claire wasn’t involved in solving Matt Murdock’s poison, it tore me up to know that he could be able to heal Colleen with some Drano but Claire hadn’t called him. However, not having that connection means that we got to meat Bakuto, Colleen’s sensei, and learn more powers of the Iron Fist. I’ll wave my hand at the fact that a random person in New York knows more about the Iron Fist than Danny Rand, because it makes the episode enjoyable (And it was far more pleasant to watch than Drano-in-the-wound).

We also get a glimpse of a new adversary in this episode. One who can fold the best throwing stars. For a moment, just a little moment, I wondered if we were getting the first look at Bullseye, instead of the character this man was foreshadowed to be.

This is my last review for Iron Fist. I’ll be handing it off to Caleb, who I have a feeling will be a little less positive about the course of events. If you want to hear Caleb and I argue about the merits of the whole series, be sure to check out the MCU Exchange Podcast!

Final Tally

5 Ninja Throwing Stars out of 5. Sure, I started with low expectations for this episode, but they managed to change the direction of things, introduce new characters, and have some serious twists, without giving me whiplash or feeling too contrived. It was a solid episode!


  • Zombie Meachum. I love how New Yorkers barely cared that he was walking around covered in blood, until he tried to steal a hot dog.
  • Claire’s move to being a part of the fight, and her excitement at the end, was fantastic.
  • Poor Kyle. He survived far longer than I expected, though!
  • The death of Kyle following the explanation of the Hand revivals taking a little bit of the person’s soul each time was very well timed. There was just enough time to let the warning slip from your mind before Harold proved it to be true.
  • Ward is a superstar.
  • For those keeping track, we got another “Sweet Christmas” from Claire!