It has all led to this very moment. Colleen and Davos are stuck in a tug-of-war for the dragon’s heart. Both are able to use the Iron Fist but it is coming at a cost. The only one can truly wield the dragon’s heart and if they do not finish the transfer one of them will die. At the same time, Danny is trying to keep Mary from killing his brother, as everything comes together.

This episode is rather straight-forward. We get a great bout between Colleen and Davos with a beautiful moment of the Iron Fists hitting each other. She manages to push him back as he makes his escape to his lair. To his dismay, he isn’t greeted by his underling but Walker ready to shoot him. Her little humming was rather chilling as she prepares for is appearance. It all comes together in a final bout. Davos is facing the issue once again that he believes the fist is his destiny and his alone. Colleen takes down Davos alongside Danny and finishes the power transfer to save their lives. Davos plead to be killed is a dark one as he lost his purpose once again. He truly has become one of Netflix’s most complex and interesting villains alongside Killgrave, Bushmaster and, of course, Fisk.

Danny gets his moment by using Colleen’s sword to take down Walker. It is a rather intriguing sequence as he tries to keep her from killing his own brother. Luckily, he is able to keep her from it and actually takes her out in a creative way. He uses their environment to his advantage as he brings back Mary. It is great to see Danny’s lessons come full-circle in this sequence. Fighting alongside Misty just also gave us a great moment between the two. He not only uses a non-violent way to resolve his issue but also shows a lot of composure fighting someone he considers an ally. It is also a nice change of pace to see Danny use the sword, which also kind of echoes this episodes final twist.

Joy and Meachum get a nice moment as he brings her to the hospital. They reflect on their lives and legacy. Meachum accepts his fate only to be hit by another hardship. He thinks he has a chance at happiness but sadly once again faces reality. When he greets a person he believes he can be together with to raise a child pushes him away, he is left in a vulnerable state. He does finally open up about his addictions and issues but he finally frees himself from his corporate life to explore the world alongside Danny. Joy, however, does not get quite a happy ending as Walker extorts Joy so she can use her connections in the world while hinting at a third personality lurking in the dark.

Speaking of Danny, he tries to return home to clean up only to uncover a secret connection between the Iron Fist and Colleen. He accepts that his destiny led to meet him but he wants to set out and uncover his own place in this world. We really get a nice moment between him and Ward, as they discuss where he is heading. The corporate man agrees to join him to help his friend on his journey. We jump a few months ahead. After a short glimpse at Colleen wielding her chi through her sword in New York City, we see Danny and Ward facing some goons on the hunt for a man named Orson Randall. Out of nowhere, he pulls out two guns and his fists light up once again. He uses his guns to fire two glowing bullets. It looks like there is a lot for us to uncover in the third season.


4 Glowing Weapons Out Of 5

It is a great ending to the season. We get an Iron Fist vs. Iron Fist moment that is also visually stunning. Davos’ character arc comes full-circle as we uncover a bit more about his place in the world and even some hints at his future. Colleen, Misty, and Ward get some shining moments throughout the episode but Ward truly stands out once again. The moment he shares with Joy, him confronting his inability to share with people, believing he has a chance at redemption or just deciding to join Danny in his quest. His character has become quite a personal favorite in both seasons. Walker teases the return of her third personality and it ends on a major twist, as it seems that Danny found exactly what he was looking for.


  • Knightwing is teased quite a bit throughout the season. There is a softer moment between the two that feels like a set-up for a Daughters of the Dragon spin-off. The ending of this show really feels like it will splinter off into two distinct shows. Colleen will carry the fist with her in a spin-off while Danny continues the Iron Fist franchise.
  • I do like that the Iron Fist has a legacy element to it. Him finding the coin cemented his belief in destiny and also opened him up to exploring the vast history of the lineage. There is a lot of potentials here for a third film.
  • Danny finally gets a comic accurate costume but not his own. It is a bit strange to see him wearing Orson Randall’s design from the comics and wielding two guns. Yet, Randall also exists in this universe so it looks like they are setting up for more twists further down the way and hopefully, it will also give us a closer look at the mythology surrounding this weapon. Maybe it even connects to Doctor Strange in some way.
  • It looks like Bloody Mary is a thing and we might see her make an appearance in an upcoming season. Here’s hoping we get to follow her development as she uncovers the bloody massacre that is hiding deep within her.
  • The glowing sword of Colleen’s confirms that her getting the Iron Fist is a unique twist on how she gained these abilities in the comics. It will be interesting to see what she can do with this new ability.