It has finally come. Davos is pushed to a corner and Danny is using this opportunity to finally take him down while Colleen gives him one last challenge. The Golden Tigers and Hatchets are finally uniting to take down a common foe. Mary and Ward go out to save Joy who might have overestimated her survival skills. It all comes together as Danny finally gets a chance to prove himself that even without the Iron Fist, he can take down Davos. The battle of iron has only just begun and will Danny go through with his plans to pass on the torch to Colleen?

The episode directly continues the arc that Danny has been building up ever since he lost the Iron Fist. He shows Colleen the room where he tried to master the Iron Fist but reveals that it was simply his desire to use it that brought him here. It is a nice moment to really see how the Iron Fist influences a person and is a nice statement about how power can corrupt a man. It really highlights why he made the decision that he did and he gets to share a nice moment with Colleen.

We also get a calm moment with Joy as Davos realizes that she helped BB steal from him. Once again it looks like she will find a way to weasel her way out of this mess but Davos just shoves her off a railing without hesitation. A truly evil act that shows us that Joy will not get out of every situation unscathed. The one-eyed badass shows up out of nowhere and highlights that she can’t buy herself out of every situation. She may have survived and gets saved by Mary but it was certainly not a painless lesson she had to learn. Also, I am pissed that it comes at the cost of Wu who I really wanted to see more of. Misty trying to save him was a nice moment though, as it really showed us what kind of person she is even towards her enemies.

Colleen’s subplot about her past gets a bit more explored. We finally meet the man who found the family heirloom. Confronting the man who may have a connection to her past is quite an emotional one, especially since she knew so little about her childhood outside of some small memories. What sticks out is the story of a princess who falls in love with a fisherman only to end up taking over an entire pirate fleet. Fans of the comics might already know what this is hinting at. She also gets a nice moment with Misty, who really is a perfect addition to the cast.

The man, the legend, Turk Barrett is back. He helps arm both Mary and Ward as they prepare to save Joy from Davos. Seems he is back to his usual game while taking some time to play golf. Ward’s helpful hints are great and his reactions towards Ward’s comments were priceless. Also, him trying to explain his past with killing from the first season was a great line.

It all comes to a showdown at Colleen’s community center. BB brings them the bowl and they finally have a winning chance. His former team shows up and he tries to talk them down. I personally wasn’t expecting for him to get such a dramatic turn but seeing the poor guy get stabbed by his former friends was a painful watch. It also was the moment that pushed Colleen over the edge that she accepts her new destiny. She couldn’t save BB and she does not want this to happens again. She may have reached a breaking point as she takes down an entire group on her own.

The true highlight is the fight between Danny and Davos. This is his chance to prove that he can defeat his former friend without holding back. He finally accepts the fact that it may be impossible. He may use a dirty tactic but he manages to keep up without a problem. His dodge from the red Iron Fist was a great showcase of this change. It all leads to the final moments. The Crane sisters go through the ritual and tattoo a symbol on her arm. She does the ceremony only to be caught off guard by Davos. At first, it seems that the ceremony didn’t work as Davos still has his fist but then she realizes her fist is glowing white. Something might have gone wrong.



4 Iron Fist tattoos Out Of 5

This is quite an action-packed episode. We see Colleen take on a group of teenagers and Danny finally takes down Davos. We finally get the pay off from Danny’s decision to give the Iron Fist to her until he is truly ready but also a great set-up for a final episode. There is another hint at Colleen’s past and Misty gets some great moments. Sadly, BB and Wu don’t make it out alive but gave us some really great character moments in the episode.



  • The Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bai is obviously hinting at Colleen having a connection to the Iron Fist heritage and is another great moment exploring the other Iron Fists throughout history. This is the tale of the Iron Fist that was held by Wu Ao-Shi and may have a deeper connection to Colleen.
  • Misty being there for Colleen is fantastic and hopefully is a sign that we might actually get their team-up.
  • The sound effects used when Mary burns the paper from her past, the added sounds did add some great tension only for Ward to just point out the obvious. Ward really is one of my favorite characters and wish he could comment on everything that happens in the MCU.
  • I really am enjoying this season but losing Wu hurt. He was such a great character and was hoping he’d become the mainstay for future seasons but that will only be a pipe dream.
  • Sam Chung has a larger role this time around and it will be interesting to see if he’ll be part of the show from this season onwards.
  • Anyone else yells “Finish Him” when Davos was ready to kill the Hatchet underling?
  • Love the design of Colleen’s tattoo as it combines her family crest with the dragon.