Jessica Jones‘ hunt for her past continues as she dives deeper into IGH and the mysterious woman that is going around on a killing spree. After a slow start, we are getting into the juicy parts of the season as quite a few questions are answered while even more are opened up. Episodes 5 to 7 feel like the end and beginning of a new arc for the season. Things get even more personal as Jessica’s past caught up with her. How far down the rabbit hole will she go to get the answers she is looking for?

“AKA The Octopus” gives us a bit more insight into plotlines that will carry on into the rest of the season. Jessica is stuck in prison as she tries to prove her innocence. We get some nice scenes between her and Jeri, which highlight how destructive they both can be in their own desperation. For the first time, she also gives Malcolm his first try at being a PI to help her case, especially after everything she collected so far was destroyed. The whole point of her short time in prison was to make her trust others, something that builds on her character arc from the last season and it will also be tested throughout the rest of this season. It all builds up to a wonderful moment that builds on one of Kilgrave’s first interaction with Jessica in the first season. The detective remembering what had happened to him was fantastic and helped Jessica with the inner struggle of her own actions at the end of the last season and gives her a rather surprising ally.

All that build up from Trish’s mysterious boyfriend actually turned out to be an interesting red herring. What at first seemed like he was going to steal her scoop turned out to be him secretly planning a proposal. Naturally, behind the facade of everyone cheering on the occasion, we see their romance slowly sink back into reality with her simply uttering a “Thank you” when proposed to. The biggest surprise is how much time we spend with the mysterious woman. She seems to have a regular life in addition to her killing sprees. Seeing her play piano was rather bizarre especially after the constant description of her being a monster. Still, the lady randomly showing up with her baby wanting to sit there to listen to a stranger play was rather bizarre. The crying baby ending up provoking her and making her destroy a beautiful piano was a nice way to contrast the animalistic aspects that are just waiting to come out.

We also get a bit more of Jessica as a PI. She infiltrates a psych ward with the help of her ex-con super and uncovers a scientist’s strange obsession with octopus. It all leads up to her waiting at an aquarium to finally get her hands on the scientist that is behind her powers. In a surprising twist, he is not alone as he is on a date with none other than the murderer. The scene cuts to black as one of the aquarium’s glasses breaks and…

We start off “AKA The Joy of Painting” with Jessica already outside of the aquarium. I don’t know what I expected to happen. We get a short scene of her buying rice and just throwing her phone into the bag so she can get her hands on the pictures from the aquarium. The rest of the episode is a bit by the number but it ends up building up to the largest twist of the entire story. The scene at a male-only golf club was a bit on the nose but it helps further push the overall theme of discrimination that characters face.

Our side characters get their usual development with some rather dark directions. Trish’s new addiction is getting worse as she starts to slowly lose control. We see her completely lose control once she can’t find her inhaler for poor Malcolm to accidentally bring it to her. As Jessica predicted, Trish gets high once again and ends up sleeping with him. Hopefully, the guy won’t have his heart broken by the end of the season. Jeri is still looking after her new guest and it seems to be heading down an interesting path. Sadly, I do not have a good feeling even if the show is trying to make the nurse seem like she has a heart after all.

The true build-up comes to the moment that Jess for some reason goes on her own to stop this monster. There she finds a small room in the basement with a picture of her and her long-dead brother. It all comes together to this moment as she turned around and she realizes that the killer was her mother all along. I’ll be honest, I did not see this coming and jumped out of my seat when it was revealed. It opens up the story in so many interesting ways. What happened since the accident and how is she connected to the deformed patient that almost abducted Jess when she was a kid? There are so many questions that they might build up to!

Or maybe not, as “I Want Your Cray Cray” takes a short detour and gives us the complete rundown of what happened to Alisa Jones since the accident. She wakes up only to see her disfigured face from the accident. Out of fear, she tries to run away and accidentally grabs Jessica to show us what exactly happened in that flashback Jessica had earlier. Once again she is sedated and wakes up five years later, as her daughter has already started her life with the Walkers. We get a look at one of Patsy’s hit songs Cray Cray, something teased in the first episode, and a look at her very dark years as a celebrity. It gets quite dark as she falls deeper into a drug- and sex-infused party trip that only ends because Jessica’s own tragedy brings them back together.

The true focus is Jessica’s own past with the first person she ever loved. She dropped out of college to live with him, as he dreams of opening a bar named Alias (I see what you did there). He certainly was not a good influence on her, as he gets her to steal the jacket we see her wear in the present. It all leads up to her mother finally escaping and seeing her daughter for the first time. Sadly, she also overhears her boyfriend selling his girlfriend as muscle to help with some shady business and in her rage kills him. Her mother is telling her all of this and asking for forgiveness before getting a righteous punch from her appropriatly mad daughter. What a way to end the episode!


4 emotional gut-punches out of 5. After a slow start, the show really starts to pick up and garners bonus points for an incredibly done twist. The flashback gave us an interesting look at Jessica before she met Kilgrave. Even the small red herring twist was quite an enjoyable one that is juxtaposed by Trish’s destructive sub-plot moving forward. I am quite excited to see where the rest of the show is heading.


  • Somehow, if Jessica Jones has taught me anything, it is to distrust calm suburban areas. They seem to be the most dangerous areas in the MCU.
  • A part of me thought we would see Kilgrave make an appearance by now, as he was teased early on in the marketing of the show.
  • We get an origin story for Jessica’s jacket and even the Alias name. Made me remember the time when Lost had an episode dedicated to Jack’s tattoos.
  • It is odd to see a time when she actually seemed quite happy with her life. Even if it was not quite the good life one would hope for her, she was at least happy.
  • Anyone else want Netflix to release the full “Cray Cray” video? Just me? Okay then.